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Had a visit from a raccoon early this morning

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Another reason I really miss my Abby. Wish I had a pic of myself chasing it away in my pajamas at 5 am. Big %!$ killed one of my best layers and one of the newer hens. Plus the oldest hen my son raised from school is still missing. Locked the other four in the garage for now. We have raccoons that live in the sewers around here but after our initial move in three years ago Abby showed them who was boss and they just stayed out of our area. Will have to rethink the housing situation again and let the neighbors behind us know because they just started a new flock a few months ago.

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I had my flock decimated a couple of years ago. I was devastated. City raccoons are the worst... They do things just for the fun of it because they don't have to focus on finding food. They are never really very hungry because there is always a trash can that they can dig in. Chicken killing is like a sport to them.

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Well, it turns out one of the dead chickens was the one ds hatched and raised. Not to be callous, but she was almost four and pretty much done laying. If one had to go I'm glad it was her. The other laid extra large blue eggs. I had hatched her at school last year. The other new hen I thought was gone turned up looking shell shocked. Thankfully none had injuries. I agree with you martian chick. It didn't even look like it tried to eat them...just pulled them to pieces. In the light of day it really ticks me off.

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:( I know I felt nekid after Big Dog died last year. So exposed without her early warning. Glad to have Koa for such things as announcing threats, even if she's still a pup...almost 1 year.


Haven't lost birds for quite a while now....


MtRider -- Poor Dogmom is having a bad season! :pray:

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No dogs for now. I go back to work fulltime in less than a month. I won't have time for training and I'd rather have no dog over an untrained dog. The chickens will just have to be locked up and let out each day and lose a little of their freerange freedom until I can figure something else out. I was looking at metal dog runs and about had a heart attack over the prices. Even on craigslist they run $300 or more.

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Absolutely on the chicken wire. And what we call 'hardware cloth' is as expensive as a chain link kennel. Works well tho. We have that over the windows in the duckhouse.


Y'know you'd have to have a tight roof and a LOCK on a kennel. Ole racoons will climb right over. I ran one outta chain link enclosure once. He was after the stupid duck who was late coming off the pond one night. [stupid duck...saved her tho]


And they can undo anything but a padlock on the gate. [canny critters...real patient and keep working the thing]


Unfortunately, we have weasel/mink/ermine here.....and they go right through the chainlinks and slit the throat...eat the head...um, mebbe TMI.



That's probably a good plan, Dogmom. Training is a full-time job for a while. Longer for some......{not naming the names of any almost-one-year-old-dogs who seem to be having a second puppyhood right now...} ;) Imperative to be right on top of that job!



MtRider :( (((Dogmom))))

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If you do hardware cloth make sure the coon can't latch a claw under it and rip it away from the wood you fastened it to. Do not use staples or nails. Use 2x4s with long deck screws over the edge of the hardware cloth and into a secure backing of wood.

I did have a coon tear a hole in 1/2 inch hardware cloth once, but usually it is enough to deter them.

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