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Summer is coming to an end


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Getting ready to head to the first of several unofficial meetings/things to do to get ready for school to start. Official first day is August 26....but reality is classrooms have to be set up, children have to be placed and lessons have to be planned. And a folder with child assessments to be passed on to kinder teachers needs to be found! (Freaking out a bit over this one. Had it on my table last Friday ready to go and it has vanished) Can't believe how fast this summer has gone.....

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Yeah, and the weeks seem to go by faster and faster the older ya git! Phooey! We've been "going to sell" the Little House now for 4 years...and we haven't gotten it done yet. Told Mtn.Man this has got to get done asap, even if we sell "as is" ...and finally, he's coming around!

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I can't believe how fast it is flying by this year too. I haven't done hardly any yard improvement this summer. I need to plant a couple of small ornamental trees yet. Our school starts Aug. 21 here.

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August 8th. Today is a special day to me. Anyway, I planted pumpkins, watermelons, black eyed peas and jalapeño on the 30th and every seed sprouted and is flourishing! Maybe the summer/fall garden will produce the results I have been looking to receive from our garden for years, since we will not have frost until late November. We shall see.


Talked with MIL today and she has us scheduled to go on the fall bus tour with the Woman's Club in September. Saying "don't forget next month..". That makes it feel like the holidays are right around the corner.



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I STILL have too much to do 'in the summer months' so don't even start talking about September and Fall!


Where did all the days go this year?


But I know summer is coming to an end when I get up in the morning and it is still dark out and then need a lamp lite at night because it is too dark out to see what we are doing!



I do think all the calendars printed in Chine this year only had 9 months printed on them as this year is going by WAY TO FAST!


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I was working the garden this morning wondering why my squash and zucchini plants were doing so poorly, then it hit me, because they are done!!! Summer is almost over!!! Wow. Where did it go?????

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Beans are pretty much done. Onions pulled & done. Radishes done & not replanted (we just don't eat them enough & wondering if we should do any next year...can't can or dehydrate them) Everything else seems to think it's their duty to keep producing so we'll "go with the flow"...LOL

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Yep, pulled up my squash plants and need to get the kale in the ground. I also need to figure out how many fava beans and onions I'm going to plant this year. Lettuce, yes I'm going to attempt this again, is going on saw horses and will be grown in gutter sections. The ground around it will be nuked with every snail killer known to man (only half kidding). I usually get a few great salads and then when my back is turned, my lettuce beds are decimated by slugs and snails. Living and gardening in a mild climate does have a few drawbacks.

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