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Watching "Naked And Afraid" while visiting the parents

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...I don't have cable at my house. Mom and Dad occasionally watch the show and so Sweetie and I were watching it with them tonight. For others who don't have cable either, two self-proclaimed survivalists, a man and a woman who've never met, are dropped into a wilderness environment for 21 days- no clothes, no food, no water, and one basic tool of one's choice (like a machete, or, in the case of one person, a cooking pot).


We've been visiting the parents a little over a week. Sweetie is very particular about some of the brands he uses- he drinks bottled water, almost always Deer Park or Kirkland...but there's no Costco nearby and he's run out. We pick up more bottled water (store brand) on a run to Meijer (no stores of theirs where we live, so Sweetie's not that familiar with them). Won't drink the tap water; our house has terrible hard water and even the miniscule chlorine of the tap at my parents' is unpalatable to him. Aquafina tastes odd and I don't know why he won't touch Dasani either, but whatever.


In the evening, as we're watching the show, he says "Hey, the Meijer water is just as good as the Deer Park water! Taste it!" and hands me the bottle. I just break out in laughter. After some giggles I am able to point out the joke.

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LOL, my dh HATES dasani and aquafina too! As for the show, isn't it crazy? We've only seen a few episodes but seriously, who thinks walking through a swamp completely naked is anything other than STUPID.

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Very STUPID! It boggles my mind how people think up that stuff. We've only seen the commercials for the show.


Even in a :smiley_shitfan: situation, a person would have some type of clothing. It makes me sick to think they show that stuff on TV... and during times when children would be watching. IMHO it's porn.



As for the water, we only drink bottled water due to the contaminates in our tap water.

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We haven't watched it and don't plan to. Seems like there's less and less good, decent shows to watch.


Have you ever looked at the labels on some of the bottled water? One brand adds baking soda for "taste" or something like that. Weird. We no longer buy that brand. Since we run our drinking/cooking water at home through the Berkey, bottled water seems to not taste that good too me.

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I like Dasani. It tastes like the water in a few places I grew up in.


For a marketing class I chose the development of Dasani as my term paper subject (it had just come out at the time). Some of the stuff I found discussed at length the pinning down what mineral mix to add to make it taste best to the most people. It's rather disgusting how much of the time and effort of very intelligent people is wasted with relative...trivialities. Then again, given what Coke does to you, offering bottled water may be the soft drink world's equivalent to CAFE standards in the auto industry.


I'd really rather have a faucet filter but Sweetie doesn't like the way they reduce clearance height on the kitchen faucet.

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I just filter it with a filter pitcher. Im not going to buy bottled water , whatever brand it is. Usually not on the grocery list. As for this tv show, have watched a couple episodes and greatly disappointed in these so called survival specialists although I would have been as overwhelmed in the swamp episode with the snakes. That was pure nuts to stay around a bunch of water moccasins. Most of them were a big Fail. They were not even surviving really. They all lost way too much weight to make it 6 weeks. Not very good at improvising rustic but useful first aid when it came to skin injury and infection either when it came to africa episode and they had fire.

Other than that, I prefer survivalists to be clothed, and usually you are if you get lost or something. Criminy

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