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Does are bred

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My buck has been very busy and has the 7 sr does bred for mid Jan kidding. I've decided to forgo breeding the doelings this yr since they won't be old enough in time to kid before I plan to start my trek next spring. Maynard will be going home with my friend Lisa next week and won't come back here. If she can't board him till I get moved or return from the trek I'll sell him. He is the father of all 8 doelings so really didn't want to use him on them anyhow and don't want two bucks here since it is so hard to keep a fence up and intact. 7 does kidding is a plenty anyhow.

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That shouldn't too hard when they know they will be getting all of that goat milk. Especially if they know they can drink it, freeze it, cheese it, cook with it, make soap with it and even sell it!

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Like most, it would be nice to have a milk goat but being in the city doesn't give that option. A friend is getting ready to move to a new place in the country & in a new city. I laughingly asked ... "got room for goats & chickens?" Got this blank "whatcha talkin' 'bout" stare! LOL

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And just to make life more interesting, one of the does, Pony, is acting like she may have sneaked an unseasonal breeding and could kid any time now, or not. She was dry and she suddenly bagged up. She is a large doe like her grandam, Glennis and never really looked pg last time with a single large buckling. She kidded in March of this yr. Glennis never shows at all with a single, barely with twins and not hugely with triplets. So, I am on kid watch from now, until............... and of course she has suddenly got very clingy as well.......

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That is odd timing. Is it good news for you, CGA? Or will it complicate things?


I have a Nigie that ALWAYS looks pg with quads! :24: Every time she's let out to graze. She's an old nanny who probably can't even get pg again [esp. cuz I don't have a buck] but oye, she does waddle.



MtRider -- Goat watch, huh? Maynard putting in overtime last spring?

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Definitely a complication! I was planning on drying everyone off by mid november so I would have a chance at getting off this farm for a bit. I don't have anyone who will take care of a milking doe but I do have someone who could watch the place and feed for me. So I'll have to leave any kids on her. I dislike having dam raised kids, they are never as easy to manage as bottle raised as they don't have the same level of trust for their human caregivers. Even if I skipped my little vaca, which I desperately need, if she had a single I couldn't keep it all by itself. Twins would keep each other company. I don't want to sell her kids this yr. Hoping for a doeling from her, but if she has a buckling I want him for a companion for his father.

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Any babies yet? Hope all is well. We're just breeding now, it's CRAZY. I'll start a new post so as not to hi-jack yours. :)

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Ya mean that doe hasn't kidded?


I've got one that always looks pg. Especially after I've let them out to graze. I waited in vain for her to kid a few years ago when she surely DID spend quality time with a buck. She loves the boys but never produced. Just WIDE load all the time.


MtRider :rolleyes:

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