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Just another Saturday....................

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Good Morning – just another Saturday for us with a few things going on? Like 2 Auctions! 1 Big Yard Sale! Also Amish Checking up on the way. Yesterday we went to both Auction Houses to get our numbers, claim our seats and check out what was going up for auction. First off today is a Postage Stamp Auction (along with coins but stamps go first) from 9am – 10:30. Fast checkout and we are off to the next Auction 30 miles away that starts at 10 am but as we know the owner he is holding stuff back we want to bit on until we get there at 10:45 (ish). That Auction should be over around 2 pm and then we race over to a big “Storage Garage Type Units” that is having their Annual “you didn’t pay rent” Sale, 25 miles the other way. We love going to these as they aren’t out to make money, just get what the back rent was due. So things go cheap! Some other people that have units there also open up and have mini garage sales that day as well. And seeing we are getting there at the end WE MAKE DEALS! Then head back home but stopping at Amish Farm as some are leaving to go to PA., then the Amish Lady we worked for at the Greenhouse is back for the day visiting and we were invited to Supper (6pm) with her and family. Finally back home to unpack all the treasures we got and put stamps away (Youth Stamp Club starts back up soon). Flea Market stuff must be marked with prices and put in storage, and anything we get for us must find a home. So you see JUST a normal day for us on a slow Saturday with the Amishway Homesteaders! LOL

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You sound like you are going to enjoy the day, AH. Be safe and have fun.


Today, I will be heading back home, to avoid the storms the weather people say should be moving in Sunday.


I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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Have a safe trip back Ann! Today I'm headed to the farmer's market to put a deposit down on a quarter of a pig, going to consign a bunch of house clutter and then enjoy the rest of what is supposed to be a beautiful day.

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AH, I hope you have fun! Ann, I hope you have a safe trip home. How's DH holding up?


I went for blood work this morning. Only to find the place moved. Located the new location. The new location doesn't have a place to lay down. Usually they're chatty and more welcoming when I tell them I pass out easily. The grumpy gus working wasn't happy when I told him that. He wasn't gentle with the needle, either. I don't watch, but it hurt. As soon as we got outside, DH commented that even he winced; grumpy gus put the needle in and then wiggled it all around inside my arm to get some blood.

At least it's done and over with.


DH went to the office for a few hours. I'm watching John Wayne cowboy movies on AMC.

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I got the bedrooms cleaned and all the curtians and bedding washed.


Son wanted to go shooting with his friend and the friend's brother.

Dh's friend and Farmer Friend taught Son how to shoot a gun. Safety is number one. I was leary about 3 teens shooting together but as I watched them I realized all the boys were well taught.


They told each other when they were taking the safety off, when they were about to fire, and when they were finished firing. One boy raised the gun he had up to far in the others direction and even though he had the safety on he was quickly corrected by the other two.


I still have lots of laundry to do and the next thing on the list is decluttering the kitchen.

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Had a 5:00 am morning to get cooler loaded up & on our way to the open air market in another town. Had a good day. Started loading back up at 2:00 and then went back to homestead and filled truck back up for another day tomorrow. It was sunny, breezy ... but 90'ish. Glad we had the canopy over us! Abby-girl enjoys her "play pen" (two portable fences" that we set up right beside our space...LOL

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