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~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

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Okay it's been three years since our last challenge and 6 months since anyone posted on it. Surely I can't be the only organizationally challenged, borderline hoarder on this board?!


I'm off to organize one drawer. Just one. Yes, I'm going to devote 5-10 mins of a Friday night to organization. Who's with me?

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It's time to recycle more cookbooks. We helped an older lady a few years ago and ended up inheriting her books. I've given most of them away but have to bite the bullet and clear the shelves. A frien

Congrats, Jeepers, sounds like you have gotten some progress accomplished.    The meds the doc put me on, is working wonders. Today, I moved a wood pile. A landscaping friend had dropped off

I've got someone coming by on Thursday, to give me an estimate, she says.  I expect she'll go pale and disappear.

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I'm off to organize one drawer. Just one. Yes, I'm going to devote 5-10 mins of a Friday night to organization. Who's with me?


FRIDAY night??? :scratchhead:



:puzzledsmile: Andrea, Sweetie... What's in your coffee???? :shakinghead:



OK, OK, I'll bite - :)


I'm trying to clean out my refrigerator tonight. I mean REALLY clean it out. I got a good start, but it's SO much more fun to be here. I mean, hey, I GOTTA see what's up, right? :happy0203:

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:laughkick: Well it feels like Friday! The alarm went off this am and I had to get my dd to school for band practice . . .

As for what's in my coffee, that's the problem, I didn't drink any! LOL


Drawer is organized and I went through a pile of mail of stuff that wasn't important, but that I didn't want to throw away . . . Anyone need about 6 expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?!?


Okay off to find something else to organize, like maybe my mind so I don't mix up my days? :D

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I'm with you! One thing I learned last year was how hard it was to keep the house clean and organized because we have too much stuff. This past week I donated two garbage bags and one box of useless stuff and consigned 20 items. I have two more bags with ten items each ready to go for the next consignment days. Today I'm going to finish pulling out food items nobody's eating from the pantry because I'm going to do my big shopping trip this afternoon.

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Glad you're back on track, Andrea! :happy0203:


I had to finish my refrigerator today. Ended up busting a small piece of the plastic on the shelf/drawer holder, but it looks like it won't affect the workings. Man, it was SO OVERDUE for a good clean-out! :whistling:

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I have quite a number of STACKS....with my name on them.




Definition: Consists of: paperwork, magazines, catalogs, more catalogs, flyers, important papers, recipes clipped, lists written in various eras of time-none current, expired sales papers, more catalogs, oops...'dated material enclosed'..., letters needing answers, expired coupons, more catalogs, prep list I've been looking for.......



Location: :busted: Pretty much every horizontal surface.... :Blushing: including the floor. [tho usually I get to this job before it gets that dire!] :sassing: Hey, I have a tiny house so there isn't THAT many horizontal surfaces.... :unsure:



Percentage of stuff within stacks that can merely be thrown out if sorted: .....90%?



Priority status: HIGHEST.....after day to day HAVE TO GET DONE stuff.... Meaning I don't get to it.



Anxiety rating: Bugging me more and more. One stack is JUST ABOUT to slide off the end table cuz it's gotten too high. Cat lands on it and it will be a train wreck! :o



Prediction for completion date: :24::lol::laughkick::yar:




MtRider --why don't we have an ostrich smilie?????

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Cleaning.. no problem... clutter? That's my problem, it's everywhere. I tell DH it's an organized mess. :Blushing:


Every time I get rid of something, I need it again. :misc-smiley-231:


I did manage to clean up a drawer. (sort of)

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I've been working on paperwork, catalogs, old magazines....those STACKS Mt. Rider was referring to. Somehow old coupons, store ads and other papers got mixed in.


My paper shredder died. I need to buy a new one. There's an overflowing boot box, an overflowing grocery bag and a big box of STACKS that are continuing to grow and need shredded. Sure makes me miss having a woodburner to burn papers in.


I worked on tackling part of the magazine pile. Labels were removed to added to the "to shred" stack. Rest of it thrown in the recycling box. A local church has a big paper recycling dumpster. DH will need to go very soon if I keep this up.

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So today the clutter clearing happened in my classroom. The children don't start until Wednesday morning so we are all getting our rooms together. Another teacher and I will be sharing a room this year. Both of us have been working with small children in some form for over thirty years...each. Try and imagine the stuff.....

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I have found that the best motivator to clean the clutter is to host a dinner party..especially folks who are very neat! It took us the better part of a weekend to get ready for our guests.


Now we just have to keep it that way and expand the clean up to the entire house, not just the first story.

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Ugh, I HAVE to get organized! I pulled out a filing cabinet and re-discovered a case of pineapple I had stashed there. It expired in March of this year. I hate it when I do stuff like this. All of the neighbors received pineapple upside down cakes this weekend and I'm going to attempt to dehydrate some of it and see if dd and her friends will eat it like that.


I HAVE to get organized!

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I was looking for some supplies I thought I still had stuffed in the back of a cupboard, when I found some boxed dried packages dated years and years past their expiration. :behindsofa:



I managed to straighten up and sorta organize the work shop, our converted shed. It serves as a catch all, for anything we want to keep, but do not have a place for it in the house. :scratchhead: DH needs to work out there later and I thought it would be a nice surprise for him to see the top of his work desk and find his tools back in their designated spaces. I will be waiting for, "Hey! Where did you put that?" :icon19: I'd post before and after pics but that would be :gdtmi: a n d that area never stays organized, ever.


The last time I tried to tidy up his office space, I dusted his computer and the power supply box fried. He was not a happy camper. :groooansmileyf:

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I definitely seem to get lots of clutter. Two of my worse areas in my room are my dresser ( DVD's and CD's mostly) and my nightstand. I have both done today. Now I am thinking about the next area I am allowed to touch. Like I mentioned, I am waiting for a Heart Cath and the family is watching me like a hawk to make sure I don't do any real cleaning or other work that they think is to much for me. Being stuck at home "taking it easy" has made me see how much clutter I have built up. I think old mail and magazines might be next. I want to rearrange my room and put my bed up on risers so I can have storage under it. That is veto'd right now. Not till the doctor clears me to go back to work at least. I agree with them that I have to take it easy but here I am off work and even though I finally have the time, I am not able to do any thing that I have been waiting for time to get done. Gonna start following Flylady's 15 minute routines again to get the decluttering done. Maybe I can do the closet or dresser draw. If I tried the kitchen or living room I know I will have someone tell me...."Mom, What are You doing?" Maybe they will do the work and let me just direct.

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Do little bits Deb and take lots of breaks. Today I took another bag of 10 items to consign and one box to donate. Now that I'm back to work everything is soooo slowww to get done.

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Every day I take a plastic grocery sack and try to fill it, either with papers that I can shred or books that I can donate, etc . . . I figure one bag at a time . . . I need to get DH to go through his clothes. He has a LOT that he never wears anymore.

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I have been trying to declutter....... only trouble is i move everything

to one room then I have to declutter that room and then ....


Me too. I have a real mess in the little spare bedroom. And the computer room is filling up too. I think I'm back to square one again. :scratchhead:

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I have been trying to declutter....... only trouble is i move everything

to one room then I have to declutter that room and then ....


Here too.... :sigh:


but, I am trying to improve.


Yesterday, I picked up a stack, moved it to the bed with the intent of taking care of it. By the time I got back in the room, I moved everything right back to where it was. :0327:

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While DH was mowing the yard yesterday, I emptied out a kitchen cabinet, wiped shelves down, tossed some stuff, and then organized. In another kitchen cabinet, I pulled out a few things to donate to Goodwill. Still in good shape, never used. We've been in this house for over 9 years--if I haven't used it in that time, it's time to get rid of it.

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