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Ugh, birth certificates. When I found mine the first time, I saw where my mom had erased my father's name and had written in my step dads name. I wasn't adopted. She just wanted me to be able to start school with his name so we would all have the same last name. It was in the 1950's. It was such a poor job I don't know how it was ever accepted. But it was. I had to get a new one to get a marriage license because I didn't want to get married with his name. I wondered about the marriage being legal. And I was not fond (understatement) of him.


I sincerely hope you know that there is nothing wrong with you Cat! It wasn't you. Some people are just mean. Your mother was mean and she raised mean children who were bullies. All except for one. Think about how strong you have been through the years to turn out to be as kind and loving as you are. Much stronger than those whimps who just played follow the leader like a bunch of lemmings. They probably secretly envy you for not turning out the way they have. Sorry but it really makes me angry.



You certainly aren't alone on your clutter journey. I have more failed days than success days. Oh well, as long as I don't give up it's fine. Makes the successful days even more sweet.

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It's time to recycle more cookbooks. We helped an older lady a few years ago and ended up inheriting her books. I've given most of them away but have to bite the bullet and clear the shelves. A frien

Congrats, Jeepers, sounds like you have gotten some progress accomplished.    The meds the doc put me on, is working wonders. Today, I moved a wood pile. A landscaping friend had dropped off

I've got someone coming by on Thursday, to give me an estimate, she says.  I expect she'll go pale and disappear.

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It's not quite the same, Cat...but you have "sisters" here that care about you very much. :hug3:


And if someone [besides me-who-has-no-memory] can remember....we'll throw you a Birthday PAH -TEEEE! :balloons:




Dogmom..... :lol: About those horizontal surfaces.... :008Laughing: My saying goes like this.....


No horizontal surface shall remain EMPTY! :curtsey:



MtRider ...live and die by that rule...... :busted: ....obviously!

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I was going to say the same thing MtRider said about "sisters"....having the same blood has nothing to do with it. You have lots of sisters here.... :hug3:

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It's not quite the same, Cat...but you have "sisters" here that care about you very much. :hug3:







If I told you the story of my childhood, you would cringe. I leave it unsaid, because, for me, I have to. I force myself to focus on the here and now, and when something triggers my memories, I turn to God and thank Him for the blessed life He has given me with my DH. God took a 40 year hurt and turned it into joy, putting a continuous melody in my heart and soul, I will never be able to thank Him enough for that.


As I look around my house, I see clutter! Almost everywhere. We managed to de-clutter DH's office/store before our inspection and for the most part, it has remained that way. But the boxes of National Geographic magazines, are back in there again, because of the rain. I noticed the address insert in the latest issue says, 'if you have a subscription, you can get all the issues on-line', that might be the bargaining power I need to get the new public library to take them. :happy0203:


I worked on the kitchen, before Christmas. Because we now have a real stove and oven, I put the toaster/rotisserie oven in storage. I kept it 'just in case', of what? IDK That made so much room on my kitchen table. - so much for my flat area - I have begun to use cup-of-soup styrofoam cups for plants I want in the garden. It's a give and take, in that case.... eat the soup which lives on the table, because we do not have much room in the kitchen, turn it into a planter pot - covering the outside with aluminum foil, just for looks. :lol:


I took my cracked haro (bean pot) and put all my cooking utensils in it. Clearing up a whole drawer, that I used to dig through to find what I need. That part of the kitchen is staying clutter free, sorta. :grinning-smiley-044:

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I took a load of paper to the recycle bin again. I get so many catalogs in the mail every week. Now if I think I want to order something or I like an idea I just tear out the page and throw the rest away. Usually at the end of a couple of weeks the pages get tossed too. I'm tearing off my name and address before I toss them. Not sure why I do that because it's not like I'm dumping illegally or anything. Privacy issues I guess. Or paranoid?


If donating, be sure to check your magazines or catalogs to see if there is an order form inside. On some of mine they have my name and address preprinted on the order form. I have a plastic grocery bag almost full of torn off pieces of paper that has my name and address on them. Not only magazines and catalogs but general junk mail too. I'm going to burn them in the fireplace the next time I start a fire. After that I'm going to start using one of those ink roller ball things to hide your ID. That will eliminate the bag of scraps. I wasn't sure what to do with all of them in the summer. After I get them burned I'll just ink off my ID until I'm comfortable tossing everything.

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I got my living room chair [my favorite...it fits me & rocks & reclines] put back together tonite. Oye, some of it was upholstery staples which would not be pounded back in with my ball peen hammer. I ended up using small finishing nails. Got all parts back together. Got all pointy things [nails or staples] secured or taken out completely. Then gave it a good vacuum before sliding the back into the base. It's made to come apart and....all this would have been avoided if either of us had remembered that.


Yanno? It's happening. Little by incredibly little.....my living room is looking more like living space and less like storage space. My kitchen has had a few spaces here and there cleared too.


:balloons:Its working.......the Clutter Clearing is working! :balloons:



MtRider ...March ahead, ladies! :hapydancsmil:

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Isn't it wonderful to look around and see some space and some organization??


I haven't posted here in a couple days but I'm still doing the challenge. Small appliances have been cleaned, counters and backsplashes have been washed (they were really greasy) and sometime today I'm going to start a refrigerator purge. Also have another 10 items that are going to the consignment store. Made $30 for the month of December.

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Well, the refrigerator purge didn't happen that day....been doing it a bit at a time though. Consigned more stuff....made another $11 this week. Donated a box of random stuff.

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Another trip to the recycle bin. That is going to be a never ending chore but that's okay. I'm now keeping all scrap papers in one place and keeping on top of it. That's progress for me. No more junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers etc. clutter. At least I have one system that works.


I got 2 kitchen cabinets cleaned out this weekend. They weren't really that bad but they are even better now. My upper cabinets aren't so bad but the lower ones will be a challenge. I found a box of unopened Cheerios expired in 2010. I just closed my eyes and tossed it. It was probably buggy or rancid. I didn't even want to know.


I have five (5) yes five kitchen junk drawers that I want to tackle this week. One is truly junk like tape, cards, rulers, rubber bands, scissors, paper clips and that sort of stuff that I'm apt to use. Another is phonebooks, pens, pencils, sunglasses, keys to ???. Another one is for kitchen cooking utensils and another for canning utensils. The other one is off of the kitchen and I have no idea what is in it. The phonebook junk drawer is a lot bigger than the canning junk drawer so I'm going to try to switch the contents around. We have BIG phonebooks here though...three of them.


Oh, and the drawer where I keep eating utensils. Sigh.


Edited because I just remembered another drawer.

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When I cleaned out my kitchen drawers, I found using various sized zip lock bags helped organize it. When I need a twisty tie, I just grab the bag they are in instead of digging to the bottom of the drawer to find one suitable for the task.


Every time I open the drawer that used to contain my cooking utensils, I smile because it now holds Saran wrap, wax paper, parchment paper, zip lock bags and my hot pads. And my utensils are readily available and easier for me to grab when I am cooking.

(Not the greatest picture)


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Speaking of drawers...LOL I hunted and hunted for the vacuum seal bag that I "thought" contained all my thermal tops. No find. Then, I figured perhaps I didn't vacuum seal them. So began searching drawers. I did what I thought I didn't do...I had folded them up and put them in a large bottom drawer of one of my dressers, hidden under some other types of tops. I"ve cleaned out two other drawers, put them in one of those, and now have the culprit drawer to clean out :-)

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I burned the 2 grocery bags of paper that had my name and address etc. on them last night. So that is 2 bags of trash gone. Now I have to shovel out the fireplace again. No biggy though.


I wrote out my work list on the eraser board I bought too. Nothing like being in your face and in black and white to motivate! Sheeesh. I wrote out a weekly list on one and a summer to-do list on the other one. They are the smaller size and just right for me. Something like 10x12 or whatever. I'm liking it.

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Family dynamics can be so rough. Huge hugs to all who didn't have the loving nurturing homes they deserved as children! :hug3: The only way to deal with it for me was to create the loving home I had hoped for as a mother, and give what I so desperately wanted as a child to my children. And my family situation was much better than many.


Lots of post holiday cleanup here on my days off. Almost all done incorporating new things, and clearing up the holiday things. Moving my son into my daughter's old room so helping her pack her things and de-cluttering. Bittersweet :yar:

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:hug3: Becca-Ann

I didn't get much done today. It was hard to get out of bed and harder to get motivated. I did go to K-Mart and got some more CoQ10. They are pretty good on vitamins and stuff. They have A LOT of buy one and get one free sales. I also picked up a couple of organizing trays for the bottom of one kitchen cabinets. I have too many boxes of Food Saver bags and stuff that goes along with it. I figure if I can get the boxes stored in trays they will be easier to get to. As it is now, I have to sit on the floor and drag out the size I need which is usually in the back. The cabinets are pretty deep too. Hopefully I'll be able to just slide the trays out for a quick view. If not I can use them elsewhere. I also picked up some little pot like thingies to organize one of the junk drawers. They look like a good size for rubber bands, paperclips and a little stapler I have. :shrug:

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I cleaned out from under 2 bathroom sinks (vanities) today. I have one more small one to go. To be fair...they weren't that bad though. I still have to clean out the vanity drawers. I want to re-line them with that rubbery liner so things stay put. They will be easy because I can pull them out and dump the stuff on the bed and go from there. Except I need to go buy the liner. I thought sure I had some left over. :scratchhead:


I've been doing things that no one else would notice but it all still needs to be done eventually.

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I'm working on clearing junk drawers today. Dropped off more stuff at the consignment store and checked my account (don't even have to show my id anymore cuz I've been in so much!) and made another $10. That's $21 for January....

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Organizing. Throwing away so much I'd like to keep but...I'd really like to live in a house instead of a store-room.

Doesn't help that I bought a seal-a-meal and a box of rolls of bags for it, and some other small appliances. Over the past two years we've just gotten too much in the habit of eating garbage because it was easy to fix. Got to get back in the habit of doing it right, and doing it often enough to have wholesome leftovers in the freezer to thaw and cook on the evenings when I can barely stand upright.

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My goal is to start eating better this year too. I bought a bag of chia seeds last week and I'm sprinkling those things on just about everything. They are supposed to be like a super food or something. I don't know. They are tasteless so I just spread them around. Wal-Mart has the organic ones for $6.77 for a 14oz. bag here. Fourteen ounces doesn't sound like a lot but they go really far. Can't hurt I guess.

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I have been keeping a log of my purging adventures using the KonMari Method. I wish I had discovered this years ago. The premise behind it is to decide what to keep instead of what to throw away and only surround yourself by items that truly bring joy. Next, these items are ONLY tackled by category...not room by room, or a single drawer that day. In other words, when I decided to tackle clothes, shoes, accessories I went through the ENTIRE HOUSE, GARAGE, BUG OUT BAGS, VEHICLES...all of it, and dumped it all into the middle of my bed and went to work. I was shocked by the volume of stuff, but now it is under control!


On December 31st:

Today I began another downsizing journey to start the year off right. I was able to donate about 30% of my clothing, shoes, bags to Castaways! Since we have the rule of removing 2 possessions for every 1 we aquire I thought I was doing pretty well, but I still see clutter and am aware of owning "stuff " that truly serves no purpose, so really, it owns me...and I pay to house this cr*p. I am implementing the KonMari method. It's brutal and efficient. I have had the voice of a tiny Japanese woman all day telling me that my socks look like potatoes in a drawer and that I should "let them rest" and roll them like sushi. She demanded that I set up all my foldable shirts like a beautiful bento box. So I did. Happy Happy Tidy New Year!



On January 5th:

KonMari method WORKS!!! I have been purging books with every move, but today I was able to drop another 50%. Chosen keepers are reference books for Nursing, Herbalism (Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western), Food preservation (canning, dehydration, fermentation), Urban and wilderness survival, homesteading, hunting, firearms, favorite cookbooks, kayaking, camping, local History, and finally Constitutional Liberties. A few favorite fiction books that I re-read like Douglas Adams and Tolkien were kept. I feel light as a feather at the moment and my shelves look tidy and bare!


On January 7th:

Another KonMari task complete! I went through every closet, drawer, bag, my vehicle, filing case, fireproof safe...all of it (again) and found all papers, manuals, photos and mementos (old letters, cards, etc.). All mementos and photos are set aside and completely ignored until I get to that category. The end product of todays work was 3 small folders: Things to be dealt with, Things to keep for a limited amount of time, and Things to keep indefinitely. I was left with a fraction of the giant pile splayed all over my bed and floor. In fact, it doesn't even take up a 1/3 of my tiny portable filing cabinet! I had 4 giant bags of shredded documents!!! Definitely my most satisfying purge yet.

One thing I was having a hard time with was giving up all my subcategories in my portable filing cabinet. It was stuffed with labeled folders for Taxes, Vehicle registration, Nursing certs, and on and on. Now that I only have 3 little folders, it's easy to flip through and discard whatever I come across that is dated/expired and no longer needed, instead of having to make another day a year down the line where I need to go through it all at one time. It's intentionally set up that way so I am forced to look at those documents if I need something which creates the opportunity to get rid of more. Ha! Definitely helps me with my "put it off until another day" mentality.

Next week's category: Komono

Komono is Japanese for "small articles; miscellaneous items; accessories; gadgets or small tools, parts, or attachments; an insignificant person; small fry."

Ha! It has many subcategories, and my first will be CD's, Games, and DVDs. Wish me luck!


On January 12:

Look away if you are bored of my decluttering adventures...

KonMari strikes AGAIN! 2 categories tackled today. 1st was CD's, DVD's, Video games. I got rid of anything that wasn't saved to hard drive. Easy. 2nd was skin care products and hygiene. A surprising amount of bottles and tubes went into the trash. Kept items were favorites and perfectly arranged out of sight.

Other than the obvious decluttering that is happening, a favorite part of KonMari method is having a category of items located in ONE spot. It seems silly, but I had hand lotion, lip balm, and nail clippers and files all over the house. I am supposed to "let the home decide" where these items live, then use the dang nail file and PUT IT BACK in the one, single, solitary place that it goes. Duh.

Next week's goal: 1. Makeup 2. Nail polish, hair products, tools, and accessories. 3. Jewelry

I don't actually store a lot of this stuff so shouldn't be too hard.


On January 20th:

KonMari update:

Today's purge: Make-up, Nail polish, Hair products, and Hair Accessories. I turned up Smashing Pumpkins and got to work.

I was certain that I didn't have an overabundance of this stuff. Pretty little (ruthless) Marie Kondo proved me wrong again!!!

Many moons ago I would carry around an entire giant tackle box filled with MAC Make-up that I would even lug around to camp. I definitely got over that! Still, many colors of eye shadows, powders, whatever... were just not quite right, so out they went!

I have been coloring my hair black to blonde to red since I was a teenager, so I have plenty of color, developer, clips, gloves, bowls, etc. I also had 10,000 "claws" that I hate to wear. I'm not sure why I had a rainbow selection of hair ties since I'm going to 99% of the time grab something BLACK. Into the trash it all went!!! (Except for what I ACTUALLY USE)

Nail polish was easier than I thought it would be. Since I'm a nurse I rarely polish my fingernails, but when I do it's Black, Silver, Purple, Blue, or Orange. Someone please explain to me why I thought a pale pearly color was a good idea? I don't know... I kept a favorite in each color and tossed the rest.

I washed all my hair and make-up brushes then scrubbed my sink and mirror. Suddenly I have a ton of room in my vanity and of course it is all PERFECTLY organized and only filled with products I actually love and use. {{{Gratefulness}}}


Next in the subcategory of Komono: Valuables (passports, credit cards , cash...basically whatever is in your wallet or safe) followed by Electronics and CORDS, CHARGERS, etc.

This is one I am not looking forward to. The husband is very attached to cords that "we might need someday" and I promised to make sure he sees what is about to get donated. Almost every drawer has a mysterious cord or charger. It is a giant pet peeve of mine! Fortunately I already dropped off old mobile phones to get wiped and recycled. This also means addressing computers, tablets, old cameras, etc. Wish me luck!

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KonMari, eh? I just read an article about the lady who started this all. I am going to have to try it. Though NOT until after we complete our move next month. We already purged a huge amount of stuff in the declutter to sell the home we live in. I have 3 storage units to go thru now (furniture, camping gear, preps etc, hobby gear...) once we take posession of the new home.


I am going to try to remember to keep "only that which brings joy"...and tools. Because it is too expensive to buy tools to replace the ones you got rid of, thinking you did not need it.

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So cool to read about every one else's "adventures". :cheer:


I tackled a cupboard this week that has been a major irritation for a LONG time. I couldn't believe all the stuff I found that shouldn't have been there. And then, at the bottom in the back - evidence of long-dead mice visits. No bodies, because I would have smelled them at that time. But droppings, dragged-in chewed-up pecans, etc. UGH! :angry: It was so stuffed that I hadn't seen how bad it was deep inside.


(Can you tell it wasn't one I used much? :whistling: )


*SIGH* One down, still working on more areas. ;)

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I've heard a lot about the Konmari method. At this point in my life taking everything and putting it in a pile would be a bad idea....cuz it might never get put back, lol! I do like the whole keep only what brings you joy thing. The challenge I started in January has been working on the kitchen and pantry and dining room. I don't have a dining room which is good because I need more time in my kitchen..the pantry is not in too bad shape.


I'd like to hear your (as in everyones) thoughts on being a prepper but living a clutter free life. Is that possible? How do you do that if you are keeping things that you "might need" someday?

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