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~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

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I got rid if my crock pot that I never use. It cleared up an entire shelf in one of my lower cabinets. Son mentioned getting one Sunday when he came to mow so I ran in the house grabbed it and put it in his car. It's his problem now!

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It's time to recycle more cookbooks. We helped an older lady a few years ago and ended up inheriting her books. I've given most of them away but have to bite the bullet and clear the shelves. A frien

Congrats, Jeepers, sounds like you have gotten some progress accomplished.    The meds the doc put me on, is working wonders. Today, I moved a wood pile. A landscaping friend had dropped off

I've got someone coming by on Thursday, to give me an estimate, she says.  I expect she'll go pale and disappear.

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I think some of my problem is that most of my stuff I do use, once in a while. In the kitchen, a lot of it is antique and I do not want to go out and buy new stuff that doesn't last very long at all.


MIL is cleaning things out too and ...giving it to me.... like her 1920 bone china set, a 1950's mix master... and what to do with her baby shoes? :sSig_help2:

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I have a Mix Master, and love it!


I think I need an overhead pot rack. Going to look into that.

My biggest problem is I cannot keep the mice out of this house, no matter WHAT I do and they get into all the drawers. So I've had to empty drawers into totes and the totes are in the way and look bad while the furniture with drawers sit empty except for mouse traps.

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Y'all have heard about my "stacks".....the stuff that stacks up here....there....EVERYWHERE.... :blink:





This past week I've had a couple lucid mornings :lol: where I could sort and pitch. Since a lot of the stacks consisted of OLD catalogs, OLD newspapers [the old ones get buried under newer ones - ack!] , and generally outdated stuff, it really doesn't take all that long. I keep the latest copy of catalog and pitch the rest. No more stack at the right side of My Chair. No more stack at the foot of My Chair (the right side stack being the potential avalanche one). No more mini-stack on kitchen counter to the left of My Chair. And most of all... :blink: ..the couch is visible again. (Ain't tellin' how long ago it disappeared) :blush:


ALSO, I find things that I NEED to attend to. I've written an overdue letter (dear church friend now residing in senior care). I sent an overdue email (RV friend traveling for the past months...reply to her postcard). Found a lot of "oh that's where I put that!" things and put them where I'll know to find them. ....You get the picture.


That counts as TWO accomplishments. Demolish "stacks" and get the business within the stacks done. :cloud9:




So....ok, that was only the living room. Bedroom has ....well the big brother of a "stack" is a "pile". That's not just paper stuff. It's more 3-dimensional stuff. Harder to find a home for! That's the next project to try to get my house back to more normal. After that, it's the picky little clutter. Lot of that but it's not so invasive.



MtRider -- Making progress :cheer:

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WONDERFUL! MT RIDER!!!! I know that feels GOOD!!


My thing I can't pitch is a cardboard box. They are so very useful! I do use them a lot, but they tend to pile up. I need to break down a stack and take them to the storage trailer again. I KNOW I'll need them when I move so hate to toss them completely. Once I am finally settled, I can use them for a garden, and I will. I don't like keeping piles of anything. (Except feed. Got a delivery yesterday of 2500# of corn! Happy me!)

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Congrats Mt Rider! :cheer:


I have a paper shredder on my shopping list. I keep putting off buying one. The box, bag and other box of stuff that needs shredded is steadily growing. I keep telling DH that we could move and have a woodburner and burn the papers that need shredded in there and then we wouldn't have to waste money on a paper shredder. :happy0203:

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Boy have I been cleaning out lately!!! It feels so good!!! Had a garage sale a few months ago, and finally got around to all the leftovers, just tossed them instead of worrying about donation etc, I live 100 miles from donation and they just sit there and never seem to make it...


Also, I am almost finished transforming my guest room into a craft room. I emptied in and gave all the furniture to the kids. Now, I have lines the walls with kitchen cabinets, top and bottom. I put an old dining room table in the middle of the room. It is turning out great and I am almost finished. This is giving me a TON of storage that I really needed since my house has none. As I am jotting my stuff into the cabinets I am being ruthless and tossing a lot. I have hauled off four pickup truck loads so far. It feels great!!!

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Speaking of shredding, OOTO. Paper-for-shredding was one of the categories while I sorted. But not for security. All newspaper quality [not slick paper ads, etc] goes in that pile. Then I thin-shred by hand cuz we need a nest of it for starting the pellet stove. We don't even buy the Sunday paper anymore. Just get the free ad papers mid-week and any parts of a paper my mom sends out for me to notice a particular article. So we go thru rather a lot during the winter and none during the summer. I store the shredded paper in a plastic bag the mega-batch of T.P. rolls came in....clear plastic so I can see when I have to shred more.



Meanwhile, of course, I DO have a stack of Paper For Shredding..... :rolleyes:



Thanks for the encouragement and the same back atcha! :cheer:



MtRider :dusting:

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sigh, I need to get the shredder out too!


I did fill up two bags of canned foods that are soon to expire that we simply won't eat. Since developing an intolerance to some mystery preservative, most of the foods we now eat are made from scratch. I dropped them off at the church food bank. I need to go through a few more stashes around the house and donate some more. Slowly but surely . . .

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Does newspaper work in a paper shredder? That would considerably speed up a job I currently do by hand. :scratchhead: Funny I never thot of that before cuz I usually spot a short cut! :lol:


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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Newspaper works in my shredder just fine. I shredded a bunch for a friend when she had her cat declawed. The vet said newspaper was best for them right after surgery. I had 2 big kitchen size trash bags stuffed full. Then the vet gave her special litter for post surgery, delicate paws. :tapfoot:

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Way to go everyone!!

My hallway was piled with stuff that everyone was tripping over in the dark. It's now clear except for one bookshelf. Next tackle is the hall closet that is literally piled to the ceiling with too much stuff. Sometimes I'm scared to open the door.

Does anyone use newspaper for mulch? I do that all the time. I use it for worm bins in plastic totes (torn in strips) and lay flat piles of it on grass or weeds when I want to start a new raised bed.

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Bumping this up. I'm in serious dump mode to organize our small space. The hall closet is totally cleaned out and devoted to storing preps.

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We've done enough "sorting" to last ...until we get Little House done and we move. Then...we'll sort here. Took us nearly a year of serious sorting and pitching at Little House after thieves broke in a year or so ago, and dumped every darned box, tote and shelf throughout the whole house. Guess they were in a hurry search! Stole both our metal detectors and some gold leaves, but just ransacked everything! We had to search and sort through everything, and glad we did. Found deeds to mineral right properties etc., passports, old photos, gold detecting equipment and lots of stuff that if we had just started throwing out, would have cost us. Anyway...no de-cluttering for a few more months. I'll come hunt this subject up then! :wave:

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Cleaning Clutter... ugggggg.


I need to do paperwork. :yuk: The ferrets are intrigued with the closets, the second I open the door they are right there rummaging through everything. The little girl, Temperance, climbs to the ceiling. Yup, it needs to be cleaned up again. She has also figured out she can get into the paper boxes through the hand holes, then she tries to nest inside the box. When the boys see she is in them, they try to get in. Because the boys are larger, they scratch at the holes and tear them bigger to get in. :shakinghead:


Worked on the yard last week. Literally straightened up the wood piles, sorted by type and stacked neatly, at least until DH had a pit fire. :Blushing:

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I posted in another thread about my decluttering, should have posted it here! We are hoping to move by the end of the year so now its decluttering and organizing so we can get the house ready to list. We have a shelf in our storage room where I stick my "pretty" things for more formal dinners and such that aren't used much, so I washed things and wrapped them up in paper and boxed them up --- 14 boxes (they are not very big) of misc things so far. Vases, picture frames, candlesticks, serving platters, baking pans, etc. The things that weren't my faves were donated. Had 2 boxes of donated things so far and one bag of trash. Now I'm going through papers and have another box started for donations and another bag for trash. It feels great to get this done, its been bugging me for so long.



(I also thougth that when we do decide to move I'll go through these boxes one more time and make a final cut. Right now I'm getting rid of the obvious stuff. Will likely get rid of more after i've had time to think on a few things and see how much we want to whittle things down too. Definitely on a path to minimalism)

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