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~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

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Took myself by the nap of the neck and dragged myself into my bedroom and told myself "You ARE going to do at least ONE thing with this clutter!" First thing I did today was to get hold of a comforter that has defied all my efforts to contain it in a tote and shove it willy nilly into a pillowcase. FINALLY it fit into the tote, inside the pillow case! I then proceeded to stack that tote and one of winter clothes in a corner of the closet I cleared out. THEN I took several rolls of fabric off the rolls, folded it all and packed it into a tote to go into the closet. Those rolls were taking up too much space and never could get it tidy. So, I did SOMETHING today!

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It's time to recycle more cookbooks. We helped an older lady a few years ago and ended up inheriting her books. I've given most of them away but have to bite the bullet and clear the shelves. A frien

Congrats, Jeepers, sounds like you have gotten some progress accomplished.    The meds the doc put me on, is working wonders. Today, I moved a wood pile. A landscaping friend had dropped off

I've got someone coming by on Thursday, to give me an estimate, she says.  I expect she'll go pale and disappear.

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shredded more papers, this time 1 1/2 bags, shredded 2 bags a few weeks ago (going through the filing cabinet right now, will be going through every nook and cranny of this house by the time I'm done). Reorganized the hanging files. My problem is paper so I'm being ruthless, and its looking so much better. Still have a ways to go but I'm pleased with my progress. Was at the grocery store and they had the storage bags for sweaters that you use the vacuum to suck out the air, so I bought two boxes @ $2/apiece (two bags per box) so I'll be trying those out soon. My daughter was given several trashbags full of clothes by one of her aunts a few months ago, some of the clothes are really great, some are way too old looking for her and she'd never wear them, so I had her pick 5 things that she knew she wouldn't wear, two might be worth ebaying as they are name brands, the other 3 went into the donation box, which is about full now, ready to be dropped off. I will give my daughter a few days and ask her to find 5 more things and will keep whittling it down. I have two bags sitting on my fireplace of early elementary school things to give away to a friend who also homeschools, things that my kids outgrew years ago but she still hasn't been available for me to give it to her. I'm getting frustrated, its been sitting on the heart of my fireplace for about 3 months now. She says she wants it. I am thinking about offering it to her one more time and if she can't be available to get it or have me drop it off then I just need to give it to someone else. I'm tired of looking at it. Not trying to be pushy, but if you want it, great, its yours but if you don't just be honest with me, I'm spending too much time looking at it and its clogging up my brain. :groooansmileyf:

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That is rather rude of her, Bella. Several yrs ago I offered a friend some bucklings to raise for meat. She kept putting of coming for them and finally shows up "MONTHS" later and asked about them. "Well, they went in my freezer long ago. " This yr I offered bucklings "If you can come right away". three days later she came for them. I wasn't going to keep feeding them just to have them go in someone else's freezer. You want the meat, you feed the animals, not me. LOL



I got my bedroom wardrobe cleaned out today. That was a job! Glad it is done. Also emptied three boxes of misc, sorted it and put stuff where it belonged or threw it out. Trudging on...........

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Clutter clutter everywhere.


DH had to get into the paperwork in storage while I was away. In order to do that, things had to be moved. Now, I am brain locked as to where to begin to straighten it all up again.


Not having a lot of room in our house is making it frustrating to be creative and organize anything.


I moved stacks to get to the typewriter to type out an address and that started the snowball rolling. We shall see how far I get.


Yes, I still use an electric typewriter, it is better than my alternative, an old 1930-1940's Underwood. I would have to re-ink the ribbon. :shakinghead:

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On the upside of shredding papers, I use all the bags of the stuff in my garden. The worms love it. I even bring home the bags from work. I'll start by rototilling some of the bags in this spring. Otherwise, I use the shredded paper around plants, with grass clippings, to keep the soil moist and cool. :grinning-smiley-044:


I've been working on inventorying my garden seeds. They ended up in different containers that I used to garden with last year. Time to reel all of them in and finish ordering new seeds for this year's garden. The onion seeds have sprouted in the wet papertowel so I'll plant them in trays tomorrow. :hapydancsmil:

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Today, I was going to do some website organization. Worked a couple of hours sorting some items out and realized I was missing some pictures. I began searching my computers file system, only to find duplicate files and folders, 1,000's of them ~ well, it felt like it ~ probably more like 100's. I had to close the one program and start organizing my file system on the computer. That's what happened when I downloaded my memory stick and the back up cd's. I have made it through deleting about half, but I fear I am only scratching the surface.




I still need to go through paperwork..... :0327:

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Moving the winter stuff out of the closets and putting the summer stuff out. Also bagged up three very large bags to go to goodwill.

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It's a little early here to do it, but I always leave a few winter things out for riding the Harley in anyway...plus we are starting to get ready to leave for about six months for work, going south, so i needed access to the summer stuff

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:hi: Deerslayer




Clutter got the best of me and I quit, disheartened, for a day or two, or three, or four...


I have to pull out our camping gear for the weekend and I know the clutter will get at me again. :dusting:


For us, we are facing closing up the windows from the heat. :clothesline: using the clothes line takes 10 minutes for most items and 15 for jeans, any longer and you risk sunburnt fabric. :busted:

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I've been tackling little sections/drawers for a few days. I did enough that DH noticed! I've also got the space cleared for my indoor lettuce growing operation. Now, I just need to do it!

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Remarkable....even tho I declared I QUIT! a while back.....I got two large stacks of magazines, catalogs, and scattered important stuff sorted and cleared today. :happy0203: It happened this morning...... cuz I woke at 4:30am with a R-A-G-I-N-G headache. OW! :blink: Had to get up and eat peanutbutter toast so I could take Nuprin....breathed steam of TWO tea pots...breathing sinus-clearing essential oils.... It was a doozy!


By 6:00 I FINALLY was nearly clear and headache receded. But then I was wide awake. :o So I had plans for lunch and :shopping: today and needed my shopping list. My old lists help me make sure I don't forget anything on the new list. They were buried somewhere in those stacks. [we're talking 2' stacks of various paper stuffffff! ] :busted: So I got both stacks sorted and the few things I didn't throw out were put in appropriate locations.




I haven't had progress with clutter clearing in so long....I forgot what it felt like. :D I actually have a nekid horizontal surface!!!


AND I got my shopping list done.


And then :faint3: .....I went back to bed for an hour before we had to leave to meet my folks. I just dozed out a bit but I felt a little better. I did get all through a very ambitious day.... :happy0203: It was SOOOOOO good to get out. But my whole body now feels like I was run over by a freight train. Aaugh..... Worth it but I hope I don't feel this bad tomorrow. Cuz....I'd like to attack a couple more little projects!


MtRider...ok, so maybe I won't quit forever...... :grinning-smiley-044:

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MtRider, Ya done good , girl! Wish I could get something done that would STAY done. That is a great big problem here. I need to spend my time training my greatgrand kids , they don't help a bit. Anybody got a little bit of advice? Hey, I can lend you 2 boys, 13 and 5, sweet but messy. Haha

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Yeah, I could use some muscle power, Kully!!! :lol:



OK...a remarkable God-thing happened these past two days. With MS I'm very limited in physical exertion. Very limited in stamina. I can override it a bit with adrenaline but there is a cost for that. Rather a high cost! AND I'm getting older and everything HURTS! The biggest barrier to my clutter clearing [ besides just having serious limitations in square footage available] is that I'm rarely willing to pay the afterwards-price. :0327:


Well....along comes a property insurance inspection....... :runcirclsmiley2:

We're already aware that they will be looking for clear space 36" around the pellet stove and around furnace in the basement garage. That area has to be clear of anything "combustible". And in the arid West, they'll probably be doing the wildfire assessment too.....forest has to be at least 100' away. Single or small clumps of trees are ok. But no dense forest within that perimeter of the house. Good thing we moved the propane tank years ago...yeah, DH actually ran the machine and friend/gas guy laid the pipe, etc. Other things will be checked but those were the main things affecting us.


When the property owners called, she was quite apologetic since it would affect us, not them in most things. She also knew our family had just been through some tough things. She pushed off the eager third-party inspector until this week. That gave us some time. Then God gave me some extraordinary energy/stamina/mental focus.


Again...I've always LOVED to sort, organize, arrange. You can keep general house cleaning...ugh! But this sort of thing is one of my skill sets. :hapydancsmil: ....yeah, I'm weird! :lol: So yesterday I began in living room to clear out stuff around pellet stove. Nothing has ever been close enough to heat up and ignite. But this is a TINY house. My whole living room is 15X14. Three feet clearance on either side + 2 feet for pellet stove + the front door takes out nearly all of that wall. Plus the three feet radiating out from the stove. <_< We are not amused. This pellet stove is not burning hot anymore. Blower can't keep up and I've told owner that she doesn't want to go another winter with this one. But dems the rules! :baseballbat:


OK...so I start taking out the stack of news papers that we shred and use to start the stove. Take out the small side table and the books on it's bottom shelf. Take out part of my BOB storage that hides behind the chair. Chair is just barely 'legal'. Second chair is barely outside legal limit too. Anyway...as of today, the right side of stove is clear. Left side has stacked milk crates with footwear, small plastic drawers unit for our gloves, hats, flashlights, etc for outdoor use. Other things hanging from the long wood fireplace mantle. Etc. Lots of stuff we'll move before he comes.


Yesterday I also completely cleared the area around the furnace downstairs. Whoa! That's a LOT of clearing. Fortunately, some of my collected gardening things can move to the hay barn which we never have money to completely fill anymore. Has to be either rodent-proof or recycled stuff that I can replace if it gets chewed up. I stuffed lots of that into my spacious van yesterday. [i LOVE my van!!] One cabinet full of stored canned goods, etc. is too heavy to move but is nearly outside the limit. Had to dismantle my buried seedling table. Not too hard once the rubble on top is removed. :rolleyes: LOTS of stuff!


THEN.......we had an ugly problem area outside under the second-floor porch. I've tried to keep it neat but everything gets torn up and thrown by our vicious WINDS and eaten by the heavy UV light. Tarps shred into those nasty strands and plastic shatters into 1" pieces. I ripped into that area yesterday too. :cele: Boy....I have reallllly been wanting to get that embarrassing mess under control. If we had a normal garage....or a barn.....almost none of that would be outside.


I worked from 11am til 7pm...then went to do chores. Then threw taters in oven and took shower/washed hair. Hadn't stopped.



THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!! All I can say is...thank YOU, God. :amen: DH could not believe I'd done all that. Me! :amen:



I took double Nuprin, herbal tincture for muscle spasm and used heating pad on back. I woke this morning and .....{this is too unbelievable}.....DH and I began AGAIN! Neither of us thot I'd be able to move for 2-3 days. :grinning-smiley-044:


He unloaded my van and some things he loaded into his truck....I was in hay shed arranging. I began to stumble and COULD NOT get the screw into the wall. [i hung bags of light stuff to discourage rodent access] Coordination going out. But we got it all out of van....finished under the porch....carried more stuff from living room and stashed it.


We're DONE....except for the stuff on left of pellet stove wall. A N D ........nearly all of it was things I'd been dying to do anyway. Very little that we'll have to move again after inspection.


I'm......ecstatic! :hapydancsmil::bounce::cele::cheer:


We're both very tired. DH is doing chores but I have to get the goats shortly. We're eating hamburgers again cuz it's quick and easy. I'm resting tomorrow but....... All day yesterday and at least a half day [in severe WIND] today....... :woohoo:



THIS is what needed to happen to make a major shift. Thank YOU...thank YOU....thank YOU very much! :amen:



MtRider is very tired but still on her feet...mostly. :D Much encouraged!


Pssst....do ya think this means God wants us to move soon??? :pray:

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And....I woke this morning without debilitating sinus or pain or fatigue. Thank YOU, God!


Taking it easy today tho. Fatigue is there but not painfully. I just grin to remember all that is now DONE!


MtRider :amen::happy0203:

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I clean up my clutter, and promptly forget where I put it!


It has taken 3 days to a month, find a few items DH asked for. Of course, I remembered where it used to be in all my clutter. :scratchhead: When I couldn't remember where I'd put it, he says, "Don't worry about it, we'll find it later." That doesn't work either, because then I'm on a mission to find where in the house I put it. :sigh:


Then, I checked a place I had cleared up... cleaning clutter, and low and behold, the neatly stacked clear plastic bins were right there. :shakinghead:

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Go, CGA. Pretty that place up for SALE!!!! :pray:



LOLOLOLOL Annarchy. :whistling: BTDT too many times. Isn't it odd how the place can be soooo cluttered up and yet we can find almost everything?


I am certainly enjoying my cleared areas. I even DUSTED :dusting: the high places. I'd quit dusting them ..ahem, years ago. Then I found this extension-handled device [forgot I had it] and decided enough is enough. Without major damage to shoulders/neck muscles, I cleared out a majority of dust yesterday morning. Wow, log rafters look shiny now.


Thus far, I've still not had to pay the usual price for such activities. :hapydancsmil: Tired, a bit foggy mentally, but not that vicious pain as usual. :amen:



MtRider ...I could get used to THIS!

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