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Canning with the crickets...

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I typically get up around 6:30 each morning. Yesterday, I woke around 6 & today about 20 til. I felt really rested today when I woke up. Got my coffee & sat on the back porch for a bit. I came in & checked email & such, then decided I have an awful lot to can today. I don't have a lot of room in my freezer at the moment, so I've been canning most of my stock & beans. I'm out of cooked beans (or was until yesterday), & I'm tired of running out. I do have some dried, but I like quick & easy, too. I'm on a bean canning marathon.


So I began. I have a small closed off kitchen; it tends to get HOT in there. Even with the ac running & a box fan directed in the kitchen, if I open the window, it allows the heat to escape. After I'd gotten all my pots filled with water & the stove cranked up, the heat began to build. Guys, I was canning by 20 til 7 this morning! I opened my window to the still darkness outside & it was the most pleasant sound of canning.


This morning I canned to the sounds of the crickets & cicadas. I'm still canning, but it's getting light out. The sweet evening/morning sounds of the South are gone. I'll have to remember to rise early again soon & open my windows at dark, so I can can. What bliss are the SIMPLE things!


Have a blessed day!

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it was foggy when I wnt to work at 4:30 this morning. The sun quickly burned it off when it came up.

We were running great at work for the frist 3 hours but then we ran into some issues and it ground into another 10 hour day..

I'm hoping to get 4 loads of laundry done before bedtime so I can get ahead for this weekend.I also want to get the bedrooms dusted and swept. Dh started on the livingroom before I got home so that helps.

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Sounds so cool! That's one of the reasons we love camping...both the night sounds and the early am sounds. I've often heard robins singing before the light breaks, and thought to myself "Lord, they're praising you and it isn't even day light yet". I've thought several times of bringing the gas grill (it has a burner) over here to this house & canning outside to avoid the heat. Could also do it there at the homestead once it gets a little cooler and we can sit outside with it.

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Gees, I thought maybe she had Mr. Jimeny Cricket over helping her can. I wouldn't turn down any help even from a cricket. And he sings pretty well too.


When you wish upon a star....gotta fill that canning jar.

Hearing that familiar ping...makes my cricket heart want to sing.

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