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Auugh, woke up in meltdown

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:o Don't remember the last time this happened. I actually got a full eight hours of sleep last night. Got up slowly...no blaring alarm clock or barking dog.... But by the time I got out to living room, I told DH I was off balance (hanging onto him) and couldn't focus eyes (or brain wasn't processing thepicture, likely).


Sat in chair but felt worse and worse quickly. Meltdown! Need to lay down! But waited for DH to come back inside and help me back to bed. Shaking! Need protein. He helped and gave me something to eat quickly. Spinning balance. Trembling all over. Blech! What a way to start the day.


Just a normal MS meltdown....cause: likely fatigue/over-stimulation of system.


DH had to leave for office. He brought Koa inside, mostly so she wouldn't start barking at something. I'm able to walk wobbly with the four-pronged cane. [which I got at thrift store but couldn't imagine using....that's for lil' ole ladies! I use stick canes and seat canes! Hmph. The durned thing is quite handy in the house....more stable on my bad days. Glad to have it.] :amen:


Soooo, prayer request that this passes. Been putting a lot of stimulation into my nervous system with riding X3 this week. Good but....could also have instigated this meltdown condition. :rolleyes:



AAAAAUGH....my FAVORITE garage sale is tomorrow! Even if I haven't been able to go to any others all season [as is the case this year] I always go to this one! It's a charity one so they have to sell out all that's donated to them. Good prices and I've gotten to know some of the volunteers that work it. :( I hope this has passed so I can go. DH would be driving. But.....I suppose I wouldn't die if I can't go. :yar:


Pray also for DH's new p.t. job. The learning is huge and they want to rush him. We're heading for 60 yrs old and it would be counter-productive to rush. He's brilliant so he will get it....at his own pace. The fact that they didn't have anyone in this position and they're behind, does not factor into DH's learning..... <_< Danged youngsters are dumping out older workers because they do not COMPREHEND how young they themselves are.



Having a challenging day....


MtRider :wave:






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Praying, hon. I had a mini meltdown yesterday right at milking time and was getting dark so had to push. SO glad it passed quickly! I actually sat and drank the milk from the bucket after finishing the first goat because I suddenly realized I had been busy all day and not eaten properly. Don't know how I'd manage if it lasted any longer! I hope you are much better quickly and can go to your favorite garage sale!

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Get some good rest , all weekend that is! Mebbe only ride twice this next week. I think you over did it and carry snack bars with you and water when you do your chores, once you can again so you keep upping energy.


Also, eat them... lol. periodically while you do stuff.


I had quite a good session with two horses today. For the first time in oh........... 25yrs I think I am ready to get on the back of a horse, next week. It was great and Sable responded with a bonding with me that his owner has not seen , which really impressed her. Great day but I did not want to slide off like a sack of cement with Hannah who was being energetic when the time came today to maybe try. I am not as young and agile as I used to be. so next week we will get better prepared , including helmet. lol. I was used to saddles, not bareback , before too, so ..........


I love that you got to ride again , but yea................ mebbe 3 x's was a bit much to do so quickly.

We wanta , but need to break things down to smaller bits and make slower progress to get back up to speed again ........


I hope your dh enjoys his new place of work ........ the younguns, if they are smart will have to set back a bit and learn too. I am sure he can teach them things they don't know!

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Yep, part of my EveryDayCarry ALWAYS have water, protein bar! Have done that for most of the past 20+ years. Long before everyone else started carrying designer water. :yuk: DEFINITELY has saved my bacon to have them handy....many, many times. Freshly milked milk.....that's a new one tho. Be careful in that hot region of yours, CGA!!!


I did get back on my feet. If DH wasn't coming home after dark, I would not have gone down to barnyard to put ducks inside for the night. But it's really hard to coax them in after dark and not always successful. After investing SOOOO much into raising the danged things, I want them to live long and productive lives!!


If I had JUST done ducks, it wouldn't have been bad but we are also trying to stretch out the amount of hay we're buying so....I let the goats out. Had a few more side trips to herd them back up the hill and those are what is killing me. Other than keeping them off the road, I should just leave them, cuz they will come back to pen. <_< I'm not thinking clearly. That's what I usually do.



Don't know about tomorrow. DH has a job out in that direction tomorrow so mebbe. I haven't left our property [except riding horse across road] for three weeks. :sassing: Would be nice to get out.



But at least the tremors [internal and external] and weakness and wobble balance and the MS brain-spinning-yuk is gone. :amen: By 5pm I was putting the roast, taters, onions, etc into the oven. :D



Thanks for you concern and :pray:


:wave: Glad you're having good time with the horses, Arby. Do you have a mounting ramp or large, wide steps and platform for mounting and dismounting? DH built ours nearly 20 yrs ago. MUST be sturdy and WIDE. Not something where you feel precarious. Some have railings on the off-horse side. Theraputic riding places usually have them. :thumbs:



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Be very careful of those things, Arby!!!!!! They are for 12 yr olds, not for anyone over 50. :shakinghead:



Jeepers..... :scratchhead: Did I fall this week...again? Oh...last Sunday. I didn't fall ---- the horse PUSHED ME! :P



Yeah, forgot about that. That was rough. But within my ...er, spacious mind....that was a long time ago. :24:


Gotta get off this 'hill'...... that's most of my falls and exhaustion. Been a SUPER cool and wet summer tho. :hapydancsmil:




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