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Tuesday Treking


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Morning, :hi:


Clouds are building to the west with lightening, yet, above us are crystal clear starry skies.


We're going to go swimming today, trekking through the desert. If it rains, we laugh and say, "...but we didn't come to get wet..." We've heard people complain about getting wet while they are sitting in tubes on the water. Really? I guess you'd have to be there. We shall see what God provides.


Cat, hope your DH surprises you.


lovinit, be safe driving.


I've replanted my onions that were dug up due to the heat. Hopefully, we will be able to harvest them in January and I'll have onion smell everywhere, too, Philbe. I am hopeful if nothing else. If'fen the thresher bird doesn't uproot them all by then. Silly bird was playing with one, stabbing it and tossing it up in the air. :shakinghead:

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I hope you have a nice time swimming, Ann.


I had another monthly checkup this morning. I haven't gained any weight since last month. They didn't say anything, so I'm not going to stress about it. It's not like I was underweight to start with. (How weird is that...being concerned because that normally dreaded number hasn't gone up!) It's been hot and very humid (dew points in the upper 60s and into the 70s) and I know that affects my appetite. It's (finally, thankfully) cooler today. I have a few windows open to get the cooler air in here and let the humidity out.


DH was awake before me and washed the dishes! :)


I hope everyone is doing well!

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It was a tough day here. Dh took Son to the funeral of a school mate this morning.

This boy was Son's lifting mate in weight lifting class. We are walking on egg shells with Son tonight. I'm trying to cut him some slack. He is angry and hurting.



Swimming sounds fun but it's chilly here.

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That's so hard to process when they are young. Well, even hard for us older ones sometimes too.


It's very scarey when anyone has to face their own mortality, and the older we get the more have to face it. Lose a friend or realative and you say "Geez, they're the same age as I am".

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