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I was almost in a accident today.


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So I was going to work at 4:30 this morning when I almost had a head on collision with a picnic table blocking my lane. In the other lane was chairs and other things. I had to drive thru someones yard to get around the blockage. The police said they had a officer on the the way.


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Glad you're ok, gofish. How weird that anyone, even kids, would think that was a bright idea. :wacko:


I've had two very odd incidents with ....a washing machine that slid off of the pickup in front of my dad driving on the freeway. Car in front of us slammed into the appliance but we were able to barely avoid. Like to have seen the insurance guy's face when he read that report of accident.


Other one was on a highway on Maui. I was going downhill as uphill traffic whooshed by...car....car.....car....picnic table.....all heading uphill. :o PICNIC TABLE? And yes, since if must have just slid off the back of the pickup, it was upside down and still riding on the air current.....it was indeed moving on the air still going up hill. Crashed to ground a few seconds later, as I saw when I did a wide-eyed double-take. :blink:



MtRider - Life is stranger than fiction!

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This was what a friend posted on Facebook...


I almost hit it also, called 911 and they said they would send someone out. Didn't want to stop thought it might be a trap.



WOW - I hadn't even thought of that. We're out in "safe" country, aren't we??? :scratchhead:


But I guess the bike trail that follows the old RR tracks has had its share of attacks. So I guess we should think more carefully about our relative safety. :sigh:

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