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A Pleasant Trip


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:hi: Everyone!



I had an uneventful trip. I saw one roll over accident on the way to MIL's house, and two accidents, one was another roll over, on the way home.


The Woman's Club trip was interesting. IMHO, the outlet stores were overpriced. Helen of Troy store was interesting. Kitchen and personal care items. Their prices were average, but I do not need any new fangled products designed for non-stick cookware. I was looking for a new haro but none of the stores carried anything even close.


Friday, we went to a memorial service in one of the city's historical district churches. Beautiful old church. Sitting, standing, singing, sitting, standing, singing, kneeling, standing, singing, praying... for 3 hours, you get the picture.


Saturday, MIL had football on the TV all day long, I rested and even found time to take a nap.


The ferrets did well for their first time making the 6 hour trip, However, they seem really happy to be home. Next month I will take Grrr for his first trip. :eek3:


It is nice to be home, some of the seeds have sprouted in our garden, and a few onions are sprouting also.


Today, I will be doing laundry and trying to catch up on the things that were postponed.


What are your plans today?



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Just finished a wonderful bicycle ride with Mountain Man and Abby-girl. Refreshing! Yesterday I took stored seeds from my deep freeze, laid them out on baking racks and let them dry in the very low temp oven. Now...I need to get them into my ziplock mylar bags for long term storage. With the ziplock mylar's I can add more seeds to them (if I have room) or start new bags. I will put them all into a 5-gallon, gasket sealed bucket. Then...I've got some laundry to do. We're leaving for a "bug out" Friday and we'll be gone until Monday and I don't like to have housework waiting for me when I come home. We're camping with 2+ other couples so it will be a nice fall get together. One of our other couple-friends will be gone fishing on their own so we'll miss them! I have an aunt that is on God's escorting angels list, and it seems like they always wait until we're out camping to leave this world. Cell phone coverage is very limited in these remote areas where we camp.

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