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I went to the refrigerator and found a milk jug with 3 drops of milk remaining. :puzzledsmile:Really kids do you think if left in the refrigerator it will magically refill itself?


Thier answer. It always seems to. :happy0203:






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When I was a teen, I drank a lot of milk. My Aunt ended up buying each teen in the house their own 1/2 gallon and put our names on them. Believe me, that did not stop some from using someone elses' carton. I'd go to get breakfast in the morning and find a tablespoon left in my carton. That was an interesting time. :icon19: Milk Fairy. :D

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We have lots of those fairies here...the garbage can fairy who puts a new bag in when the garbage is emptied...the cereal fairy who replaces the box when its empty...the gas fairy who puts gas in the car when the low fuel light comes on....the cat bowl fairy who refills the cat bowl with food/water when it's empty.

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Milk fairies: Tinkerbell and her daughter Sugar Plum Fairy.



ETA: I forgot the future milk fairy, Tinkerbell's daughter from this year--PIXIE!! :happy0203:




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Thank you. :) I'm very proud of how far we've come with our stock and our breeding program. It's my favorite part of the job. The part that I consider *Fun* and not *Work*. If you'd like to see pics of all my gals and guys, feel free to check out my website: www.lunamojo.com. Website building/updating is NOT a favorite part of my job. But I did just update my Buck, Doe (Sr and Jr) and Breeding pages about a month ago. :)

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