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Computer Frustrations

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My Win XP OS crashed badly, probably some type of virus manifested itself through all the firewalls, spyware programs and virus programs that I had installed on my system. (Tin foil hat says, Microsoft did it on purpose because they are phasing out the program and want people to buy their version 8.)


Anyway, I HAD to get it running, researched, studied and read for hours and hours and hours, to find which of the newer OS would run the programs I HAVE TO use for my customers and myself, choosing Windows 7 because it "SAID" it would run XP programs. NOT!!!!! Plus, nothing, absolutely nothing I read said the older machine - motherboard, sound card, DVD-RW, and USB ports - would not be compatible with the program!


:gaah::gaah::gaah: I NEED my XP back!!!!!! :gaah::gaah::gaah:






:sigh: Somehow, someway, I will make it work, maybe. Using my Mac doesn't solve the issues either. :sigh:




:sorry: for the rant. Buyer beware.



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Our Acer runs XP and our desktop runs Vista. Recently had to go to Acer's home page and do a total restore, and it put it back to "default" so I lost all my "favorites" etc. That didn't hurt so bad because we now keep all our shortcuts on a thumb drive, as well as all our documents & pics. The Acer doesn't have an external C-drive for me to do a backup of the entire syste, so I need to put my "remote" C-drive in and copy everything...just haven't done it. I did do that (took 12 cd's) for our Vista system.

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