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The town is having events this weekend. A school float drove by yesterday morning. DH said there was a lot of traffic all night.


I was out in the yard tidying up, a little while ago, when I began to hear the drums... can you hear them? " Indians! The indians are coming...." In the 1800's, around here, that statement would have been a time to run! LOL *


I could also hear their voices singing chants/songs. I am assuming they have down town main street blocked off and filled with vendors and are probably having a parade. Homecoming weekend.


All the birds scattered, heading for the cover of the bushes when a falcon hawk flew by.


What does your day look like?









* Disclaimer: History 101.

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It is a beautiful Fall day here in the Adirondacks, clear blue sky with a bowl of orange and yellow and bits of red maple leaves and the green of evergreens. Last night something was trying to rip out metal junk from the mechanic shop behind me, outside it. I wondered if it might have been a young bear looking for the cat, Midnight, who still resides there. The bears are making their rounds as are smaller varmints, to gain the last of their fat for winter.

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Farmer's Market this morning. :( I really don't like October markets, but regulars miss ya if ya don't show. It's there last chance to stock up on product til May... or pay shipping. Flea Market is slow too. We do "The World Famous, Largest Outdoor Flea Market in the MidWest, SHIPSHEWANA!" <imagine an anouncer on a lousy speaker barking that out... every hour> LOL Anywho, we are down to one lot for October. We did our normal two this last week and it wasn't worth it. Too many festivals and fairs going on. :(


Got home and *observed* Ojie (aka: Sugar Plum Fairy that I mentioned in another thread) and Cinder. ;) So got Ojie marked down on the calendar for kidding in 150 days! YOOHOO!! So I have seen all three does that are here bred. Job done! Now I can get to bugging my friends to get me dates on my other 10 does that are at their farms for breeding. ROFL I have dates on two from my bestest goat friend. :) So actually, it's 8 more that I need dates on. Said friend posted on FB last night that they had coyotes on their hill last night. SIX of them!! YIKES :faint3: Her DH and boys went after them with the shotguns and scared them off. They were after our babies (jrs). She's got 3 LGDs and said they should be fine. One dog in a back pen and one roaming. Other dog in front pen with the big girls. Yup, critters are prowling. :( Told her I shoulda brought Kagan and Ari over when I took does over since they're just laying around lazy with the barn and pasture to themselves barking at rabbits and kitty-cats. :buttercup: We haven't seen coyotes or strays around here since Kagan and Ari started guarding duty... basically laying around and barking once in awhile. LOL :)


Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day.


:bighug2: and :kissy:

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We hit the Farmer's Market this morning. Today was the last one until Spring. I didn't decide until this morning if we were going, but decided I wanted some lamb. I've been having appetite fatigue again, and coupled with some strong-food aversions (since I've been pregnant, there's still certain foods I don't even want to look at!), I wanted something different to eat. We're having lamb leg steaks and potatoes on the grill for supper. :yum3:


I did some laundry and cleaning today. DH changed oil in the car. We need to get out there and rake the yard, but DH is offering to mow once more, so I think that'll take care of the leaves--for now.

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A pretty quiet, restful day for us...for a change of pace! Moved another load of pantry items, came home for lunch, showered and then met four other couples in the country for a grilled chicken feast. Wonderful! Each of us brings a side when the other's cooking the meat. We had grilled chicken, baked beans, squash casserole, jumbalaya, pasta salad & soudough bread, topped off with grilled peaches with a scoop of ice cream & coconut flakes on top for dessert. All felt plenty full! The ladies all sat out on the porch and giggled girl talk while the guys gathered around the grilling and did guy talk. After the meal we all gathered on the porch in the dusk/dark and had couple talk. We don't get together that often so we make the most of it when we do. We won't be able to camp together again until spring because of all the busy schedules, so this was very nice. Two of our friends have met "someone" who is making their life feel special, so that made all of us feel good too. Funny how you can love on people by just including them into the fun things of your lives. That's why our group means so much to us.

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Took dd and two of her friends to a college preview day for a college they are thinking about attending next Fall. Wow, time certainly flys! Wasn't I just potty training her and making homemade playdoh? sigh . . .

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Summer appears to have finally broken. Temps dropped to the high 80s, so girl-child and I could go riding. I'm really sore - which is odd, as the horse was doing all the work. Does my ass make my horse look fat?

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It has been a very steady rain since I got up at about 5am. We really have been praying for rain but, after so many delays, they were suppose to start framing our new 'little house' today. We were hoping to be moved by Christmas but that's not going to happen. We've had many delays but it seems when we have unexpected delays we discover something that was wrong or misunderstandings and fix them. I've been de-cluttering the house and have started to pack some things up and put them in storage so we can put the 'big' house on the market. I had a booth reserved for the craft fair in November but with all that has been going on I haven't made all the items I intended to so will be cancelling my booth for this year :( . Now I can put all that in storage and get it out of our way until next year.


We went to Aldi's today and they seemed to be well stocked but several of the items I wanted were close to their expiration date so I passed.


Someone gave my youngest dd a kitten a couple of weeks ago and the vet confirmed last week that it had ringworms :0327: Now me and the middle daughter both have a couple of 'spots' on us. We've been to the dr. for meds but I tried olive leaf oil spray on it earlier. It's suppose to kill everything. Her free little kitten has cost us a small fortune in vet and medical bills.


Hope you all have a blessed day :)

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