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Perennial Garlic

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Hmmm....since in this climate we harvest garlic then need to turn right around and plant some of the cloves to winter over, I can believe this. But he doesn't even pull them at all. Just leaves smaller plants to ....regrow? Like flowers with bulbs, I suppose. And they're growing in a bed, not a row.....or so it sounds to me. I'd have liked more specificity from him. :lol: The type of person I'd like to follow around for a week or a month and learn from!


MtRider :lois:

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I think he does just let the smaller plants die back to grow again. It makes sense to me because the summer I broke my leg I had a bed of garlic that didn't get taken care of at all...died...got covered by the chickens scratching in it...then came back beautifully the next year. I'm looking for any way possible to grow with very little bending forward to protect my back.

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