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As if you didn't already have enough to do.......................

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Do you live in a cold climate and raise chickens? This may be a "solution" for you to keep them free-ranging during the winter months. :campfire:




But.......................where are their boots??? :grinning-smiley-044:

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:008Laughing: That reminds me of the story book, The Little Red Hen. I think in one version she had on a coat.



Ya know, that looks exactly like my fence and it looks just like the barberries I had planted in front of it. Eerie.

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Dog diapers or chicken diapers???? :o:blink:



Cuz when dearest doggie went into heat, I'd have bought them IF I thot she'd leave them alone. She wears the raincoat or pack just fine. A butt wrap however.....don't think so. :grinning-smiley-044:



MtRider ....if you say Chicken Diapers, I'm gonna squawk :24:

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:blink: ....uh....then it begs the question: WHY?



Doggie diapers for 'in heat' ....I realllllly get it. But poultry? In case Pa Kettle's pesky chickens get up on the kitchen counter -- so they can't poo on the sandwiches? :0327:



MtRider :rolleyes:

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OK ...so I went to the site. I get the hen saddles [over breeding can leave the hen's back bare of feathers, or for injury]


But when it gave a category for Hen Saddle Packs...... OK, this is going to far. The PETA folks are surely gonna protest putting heavy little packs for those hens to carry around when they go for a hike with you. :tapfoot: I mean, donkeys and llamas are pack animals but hens??????





Then....there is "Butterfly Saddles" ..... :icon19: Really? Gotta keep those butterflies from breeding the females too hard, huh?



Then....Mouse Pads? Um...is this a feminine hygiene product for momma mice? :blink:



Such a hilarious site! :bounce: What else is Louise gonna pull out of her Country Closet? :o



MtRider --- now I've seen EVERYthing!

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