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Sadie the dog


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Sadie the dog is at the top of the @#*! list.
For the last 2 weeks she has...

Gotten into trash 6 times :gaah:

Woke me up 5 times exactly 40 minutes before my alarm is to go off because she had to go out . :motz_6: The last time was today.


For Christmas 3 years ago I received a wonderful pair of slippers. They came up well over the ankles and were warm and soft inside. They were perfect. :cloud9: Best slippers ever. Last week the heel ripped out and today Sadie the dog did them in. :mad:
R.I.P. my wonderful slippers.

Was overenthusiastic in making a new friend when DD's friend came over yesterday. :mad:

Was overenthusiastic in playing with Son and bit me when I reached for a pillow to put behind my back. :mad:
(I've had back spasms for the last week) :groooansmileyf:

Barked at, the cat,the neighbor dogs, the trash man, every big truck going by, the people making a new parking lot at the skydiving place across the road, a duck call on TV ,dust and just because I said something that sounded like "who's here" :tapfoot:

We have a scented candle burning for the last 2 days. She's been gassy. :blink:

I told her "die dog die" after I tossed out my slippers.
DD said I didn't mean if I'm petting her when I say it <_<
and if she did die who would watch bad disaster movies with me on Saturday nights. :huh: How did she (DD) find out about our(Sadie and I) secret addiction. :puzzledsmile:



My new slippers are soft,warn and come up over the ankles. :wub: They even have sparkles on them.

now all I need is a good disaster movie but we'll have to make do with Duck Dynasty .

She better not bark at another duck call on TV..

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Oh my, yes indeed, Sadie is being a dog. Sorry about your old slippers.


Talked with DH tonight, he is going to remove the barrier that separates the ferrets and let Grrr have the run of the house while we (the ferrets & I ) are here in TX.


You said Sadie got into the garbage, I can just hear DH saying Grrr did the same thing. The only thing I don't want to hear is he got another skunk. :faint3:

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Sounds like time for some basic obedience. ;)


I keep *thinking* about getting another pup. o.O It's been over 4 yrs since I lost Gracie. :( I miss having a dog in the house. The training and playing. But then i think about the work and the $$... and maybe I'm not ready and I better wait. :(

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Sounds like you love Sadie a lot...I agree with Necie...a little obedience training with make Sadie lots more fun to be around. :)


Necie...I had to say goodbye to my Abby over the summer. I miss her terribly and I miss having the presence of a dog around too. But, with work I don't have any time for training...so no four legged, slobbery beasts until next summer. And I don't miss those $$ costs either. You don't realize how much you spend on them until you don't have one. ((Necie))

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Oh, I'm soooo sorry about your loss of Abby. I remember so many of your posts about her. Such a wonderful gal. (((())))


Yup, I figure if the *work* and *cost* bother me, then I'm not ready yet. When work/cost seems irrelevent, then the desire for the dog itself is true and I'll be ready. It was 6 yrs after I lost Greta before I got Gracie. Making sure that I'm not trying to *replace* them is also an issue. Rottie's are soooo different that I have to make sure my *expectations* are in the right place. ;)

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