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Wondering if there are any licensed Ham Radio operators on MS.

I downloaded an Ap to study the Technician level and studied for about 2 weeks.

Passed my exam. my DH decided he needed a license too so the next test date he took and

passed his technician exam and i decided to take (and passed) the General level exam.

My DH is taking his General this afternoon.


There are 3 levels of armature radio license.





Morse code is no longer required!!

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It was an Ap I downloaded (Free) in the I phone Ap Store.

Created by a guy named Roy Watson.


He has 3 different Aps -one for each test level.


I also have an Android tablet and downloaded a different ap from Google play

It was good and I used it, but the I phone version was better.


A search on yahoo, google, bing... For "Ham radio study guides" will bring up many

Free options. And if you go to You Tube there are a couple of guys that have multiple

Videos going through the study book chapter by chapter.


Whatever study mode works for you there is a free way to do it.

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Regarding your comment about not being able to drive.

I've only been involved in Ham for about two months now but everybody has been SO nice. The Ham community is all about helping others. There are Ham Clubs everywhere!!! Volunteer club members give the test. You can use this link to find tests in your area. Once you find a club that is hosting an exam, I am almost positive that an email to the club officers and a request for help would solve your transportation issue.


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When I got my ticket, there were FOUR license classes!

  1. Novice
  2. General
  3. Advanced
  4. Extra

I studied locally and took the Novice exam from the local club. Shortly thereafter, they changed things up and created the NEW license class of Novice......it allowed you to do some talking (mostly on the 2 meter band) and not be confined to the Morse only frequencies.


In order to get your General License you had to travel to a regional FCC office, take the written exam for the General, AND be able to "read" Morse at 13 wpm. I passed the written, but could not read the Morse..................so I walked out with the Tech ticket and have been there ever since!


One of these days I might just study the manual again, but I am not really interested in the electronics/electrical part of the exam. But at least I think I will be able to test for it locally this time instead of having to travel to San Fran for it. :D

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I bought 2 handheld radios on the advice of a friend who is an experienced Ham.


Baofeng UV-5R


They sell for $30 bucks on Amazon.


They work great!!! I can pick up every repeater in my area, some as far as 40 miles away.


Programing in the frequencies was a little difficult at first. The instruction manuel doesn't include these instructions, but my friend had already warned me about that and pointed me to a site with step by step instructions. There are also numerous videos on YouTube on how to program.


I love these little radios and for 30 bucks I think I'm gonna buy a few more.


Eventually we will buy a bigger base model that will get us across the US and out to other countries but for now we will just keep playing with these and listen in to the local traffic.

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Eventually we will buy a bigger base model that will get us across the US and out to other countries but for now we will just keep playing with these and listen in to the local traffic.

yay! With your General License you will actually be able to TALK to people further away than your repeaters can reach! :D

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CGA I'm wondering if you got your Baofeng radio in and if so, what you think of it.


My DH and I built a quarter wave ground plane antenna for ours and have been amazed at the extended range it gives us.



My DH passed his General and we are both studying to take the Extra exam. Next test date is Dec 14th... Hope I will be ready by then???

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I've had mine sitting here on "scan" for a couple of hours. It will probably tell me the battery is low soon. If I didn't have it scanning it will last days between charges.



I just ordered a larger extended battery. $17 the reviews on it says the charge last for weeks. I assume that wouldn't be during scanning - it would just be sitting off the charger. The best advantage for the extended battery though is that it has a plug in slot so the battery can be recharged multiple ways (cig lighter, usb port, portable solar devices)


They also make a battery pack you fill with 4 AA's

And pop onto the back of the radio.


Goal Zero solar

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Our group took classes to prepare for the Ham test. However, we learned that you have to "identify" yourself every 10 minutes while on air, you can not use any form of code talk, your personal information is listed online & the govt can suspend all ham operations in an emergency.


With all that we decided not to proceed. We all have short wave radios we can listen too for global information, have walkie talkies for short distances and bought cb radios with SSB (single side band) which can get 20-30 mile range. I can pick up a lot further than 30 miles on mine but can not transmit more than about 25 miles. It suits us fine because we all live within 20 miles of each other.


Just something to think about.

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Been a ham since 1992, back where there were six classes of license (novice, tech, tech+, general, advanced, extra). Am a fairly contented if inactive General now.

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a friend of mine has her license and has told me that my husband and I really should get ours. In case of an emergency she said its invaluable. She said the test here is easier than the country where she is from, it was much more technical there (unnecessarily so). I need to look into it and see what it entails.

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purchased an HF rig for christmas, just got an antenna for it. If the weather cooperates we should be able to get it set up this weekend. Really looking forward to operating on something other than the 2meter local bands.


But even better is that a Few weeks ago I downloaded the Ap for "Echolinks" and after sending in a copy of my license I have been checking it out. I have to say I love it. I know a lot of old timer hams don't like Echolinks and say that without a radio it's not really Ham. But from an ap on my phone I have been able to talk to people all over the world!!!!

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