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Liquid Soap Dispenser

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I don't know if this is the right forum for this or not. Mods, feel free to move.


I love this soap dispenser! Last summer son and I did a lot of yard work and we both had dirty hands often. I had one of those battery operated dispensers where you wave your hand under it and it dispensed a glob of liquid soap without having to touch it. It didn't get the job done. It was very slow and it put out such a small amount that you would have to wave your hand under it 4-5 times to get enough soap for 1 hand washing. Those were minor annoyances but the real problem I had with it was if you didn't use it every day or two, it would dry up causing a plug. Not handy with filthy hands. I can get water from my sink faucet by pushing up the lever with the back of my hand so I wanted an automatic soap dispenser so we didn't have to touch anything in the kitchen to get our hands clean. Also that year son had his car in my garage doing a brake job and a few other things. It was a dirty summer that year.


Anyway, I saw this one and got it. I keep dish washing liquid in it and it stays on my sink all of the time. All I have to do is bop it on the top a couple of times and, because of that long spout, the liquid goes right in the dish water. It holds a lot too. The best thing I liked though is if your hands are dirty all you have to do is hit the top of it a couple of times with your wrist or forearm and you get soap without getting anything dirty. It's tough acrylic with a rubber bottom and it's bottom heavy.


Nothing earth shattering but it sure is handy and helps with sink messes. So, if you need a new soap dispenser and are planning to buy one anyway, I can highly recommend this one.



That picture on their site doesn't do it justice. It's a little bigger than that in person. It also says free shipping. :shrug:

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My outlaws have something similar, but it's built in. They fill it, the "bottle" part is under the sink faucet thing & the long silver pump handle thing is over the sink.


You got that, right? I hate to be so technical, but... :)


Yep, that is about my level of tech talk lol.


My sink has one of those too but I hate it. I'm always getting water down there because it leaks around the part that sits on the sink. It wouldn't be so bad if it leaked down into the bottle under the sink but the water ends up on the bottom of the cabinet.


I'm not moving stuff out from under the sink and crawling under there to fill a soap bottle. I'd never get back out. Can you imagine that call to the 911 fire department. "Old woman crawls under kitchen sink, for some unknown reason and gets stuck. Apparently she tried rubbing herself with dishwashing soap to free herself. The neighbors heard her cry's for help. When they found her she had bubbles streaming from her opened mouth. Unfortunately, the neighborhood children witnessed the scene and were found pointing and laughing. She will forever carry the shame of being referred to as "Bubbles." It was a sad day for 'Miss Bubbles.' She said she will probably have to move away from her neighborhood now. She looked sad but to her credit she was squeaky clean. Film at 11:00."

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