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Happy Birthday Drumrunner

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Well, thank you all! On Nov. 21st I officially became an "old guy". There are certain perks being a Senior Citizen:

1. You are not expected to remember things like you used to

2. Automatic discounts for haircuts and meals at restaurants

3, A little automatic forgiveness for my sloppy driving habits from the younger crowd

4. Drooling is permitted somewhat, nose picking is still frowned on

5. People talk louder assuming my hearing is diminished, which it is, but at least I don't have to ask them to repeat what they say

6. Kneeling for prayer; it's the getting up that's hard! Where did I put those aspirins? See point #1

7. Subtle and not so subtle hints from folks that retirement may be a good idea, to do what?

8. Tying my shoes becomes a mental challenge. Which way do the laces go again? Yup, Refer to point #1 once more.

9. All of my friends look so OLD!

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:whistling: ....hmmmm, looks like the 'old guy' forgot to check for birthday :balloons: messages too.....



:happy0203: Cuz it's Merry Christmas now!


MtRider - good to have folks checking in.....MrsS halls have been a little empty lately!

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