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White Christmas

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:hi: CarlaJ


I remember Christmas in Michigan. The snow was usually a few feet deep and a few times we were unable to make it the 3 miles to Grandmother's house.


We do not get snow here, so "...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

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We seldom experience snow for Christmas, it's usually just cold. We did get some ice fall yesterday and last night, nothing major but cold so it's keeping people off the streets and roads. For the few white Christmas's we have had, to me it's waking up Christmas morning to the beauty of an existing snow fall, before there's any tracks (human or vehicles) and you're snuggled deep in the blankets as you crawl back in bed!

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We have the snow big time, and although the clearing of the driveways & sidewalks is a nuisance (A minor one, I have a nice snow blower) it sure is pretty. I like to clear the snow after dark, the fountain of snow looks lovely sparkling in the street lights. I also love the hush that snow creates...its peaceful. Needless to say, I am a winter person (arthritis and all) much to the disgust of my snow bird relatives.

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