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My Senior doe, Glennis had twin doelings today! This makes 7 doelings she has given me. She had triplet bucklings one yr and I milked her thru one yr. 3 sets of twin doelings and one single doeling. She is a fine doe! The babies are Gertrude (black and brown) and Genevieve. They were born in a grassy field, but I moved them to the fenced off portion of the driveway till Glennis passes the afterbirth then she will go into the fenced, grassy back yard with the babies. I will let her keep them two or three days then put them on the bottle along with the rest of this yrs' (yet to be born) kid group.



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Yes, MILK! Soon anyhow.

I have 4 that should kid any time and look like all are carrying at least 2 kids. Two others that may be carrying singles but if they settled, they did it just before the buck left the premises. I'm hoping for a good crop of doelings since these are the last from that wonderful buck as he died suddenly last week at my friend's farm. I'm really sad about that. I was working on a new paddock for him to come home to.

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More pix later. Too tired now and need to eat. Peach had one huge buckling this morning at crack of dawn. Then Meggie had boy/girl twins. Then Mocha had boy/girl twins. All on their feet and nursing. I put Marla and Glennis out this morning, so when they come back to the house I will milk them and start their kids on the bottle. Not truly my favorite job, but those little boogers were sure hard to catch this morning to put in the crate, so it is definitely time to start the bottle. More work up front, but the rest of their lives they will be easier to work with.

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Cute! I can't wait till my doe kids! This will be the first time in several years we've had babies on the farm.

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