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So BigDD is looking over the grocery store sale flyer with 3 1/2 year old DearGrandSon, who has decided that since Grandma and Mommy like to see what's on sale, he does, too.

He's having fun trying to sound out words. The pictures help give him clues.

Being a boy, he homes in on the word "butt"... "Whaaat? They have BUTT on sale???" :blink:

"Ummm, yes, Dear - they have some meat called a butt roast..." LOL :shakinghead:








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Some cuts of meat were more popular in different parts of the country and different times (I've wondered why cuts I grew up aren't seen and that seems to be the main reason). It was beef that you'd get a rump roast.. Butt roasts are pork and I think they've been called that for ages.

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Boys are such fun little critters. We've had many conversations over the years about how pork is pig and beef is cow and each boy especially (but the girls too) apparently need to call it by the animal name rather than the meat name.. "oh boy we're having cow for dinner" :grinning-smiley-044:

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Thank you, Suncat - you're right, this was pork. I didn't know; it's not a cut we used much growing up.


Our youngest DD came along when the other two were 8 and 10. So she got a lot of info from all of us, and consequently we have LOTS of cute things that we all remember her saying. She often mis-heard things. :rolleyes:


One time she wanted to know what kind of meat we were having, so she asked if we were having "pig-chicken". :blink:


Another time she was happily playing outside in the summer, and somebody complained about it being so hot and they were sweaty. She made a little comment about it being so hot that she was "sweatin' like chicken on a grill." :shakinghead:


I love how kids see the world in such a different way. It opens our eyes up again, after we've forgotten so much of the wonder. :wub:

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Update - bigDD's family is on vacation. (AND I GET A WEEK OFF! :cele: Which is why I'm here now.)


Grandson Noah - he knows that dinosaurs are "extinct" -

from our daughter -


"At the restaurant last night, Noah struck up a conversation with our waitress... After telling her all about Dinosaur World and discussing his favorite dinosaurs he said "You know those dinosaurs aren't real... They're just pretend... Because all the real dinosaurs got stinked up!!"

Had the whole restaurant laughing!"



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