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Beef has already gone up here but pork chops and chicken are still bargains. Stock up on whatever proteins you can get!


This week (around here) chicken dark quarters are 49 cents a pound, breasts are 99 and irregular pork chops are 99.

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I agree!


Cheap bulk chicken is around $1.00/lb. here, and beef is over $5.00, even for cheap hamburger. We were blessed by finding a sale - roast: buy 1 get 1 free, limit 1 per customer. DH and I checked out separately to get 4 roasts at $2.50/lb.

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dogmom - SaveMart has the 10lb bags of leg quarters on sale for 68 cents/lb. Cheapest I've seen it in a long time. My family doesn't like dark meat, although I'm running low on broth, so I'm tempted to buy it and grind the meat into chicken burger, and boil the bones for a few days. There is nothing better than bone broth! But we'll see. I've got a lot on my plate and I'm not sure I'll have time to drag out the canner . . .

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Our Safeway.. don't know about all safeways.. sometimes does a $10 off $50 coupons.. if you watch your spending and keep it close to that $50 mark.. that's 20% off your regular prices.. I bought hamburger this week with that coupon.. price of $2.99/lb then take off for the coupon and end up with about $2.40/lb. Sure it's even better if you can get stuff on sale with the coupon but at least it helps bring prices closer to reasonable.

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So far meat hasn't sky-rocketed, but that doesn't mean it won't! Already bought up some beef, chicken, polish sausage rounds, and a couple of big roasts. Canned everything but the roast. Last month bought up a bunch of catfish fillets and re-packaged them w/vacuum sealer, month before bought up several turkey hams & they're in deep freeze along with a huge black forest ham that we cut up & re-packed w/vacuum sealer. Standing pretty good on frozen meats & veggies. Next month, we'll again add what we can afford.

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We scored yesterday at our local IGA!

Sirloin slabs normaly at $5.00 per pound, our guy had at a buy one get one free going (limit One per customer).

My DW bought her 2, and I was in line behind her with my 2.

$2.50 per pound for quality meat, heck you can't even get burger that cheap here.

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I lucked up on some Hamburger that they marked down the other day. The meat guy and I was talking and he was talking about how they had to mark stuff down b/c people weren't buying it with price increase and they were expecting it to rise. Next thing I know he brings out a whole tray of marked down hamburger and gave me first dibs on it!! I was so excited....wasn't a lot but I grabbed all they had. We were unable to go back home for any holidays this year due to my daughters two surgeries so we didn't get to hunt so I have no deer meat....this was a great deal for me.

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Fareway a Midwest grocery store has the 10# tubes of ground beef on sale for $2.99/lb this week. I bought one & made patties will go back at the end of the week and get another one to make 1 lb blocks and freeze.

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I am still able to get decent deals on chicken legs and thighs at Wegmans, but I go to a small local grocer to get chicken breasts. I don't know where they manage to find these chicken breasts, but they are huge. I like to cook one in the crockpot and then make soup with it. A pot of soup feeds us for a couple of days and is a great way to make meat stretch.

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Fareway a Midwest grocery store has the 10# tubes of ground beef on sale for $2.99/lb this week. I bought one & made patties will go back at the end of the week and get another one to make 1 lb blocks and freeze.


I love the big "tubes" ... in our area the Sav-A-Lot has them in 12# tubes. Finished baking ours off today & then re-packaging them in vacuum sealed bags, two to a bag, and they're in the freezer. We love to pull out a bag, nuke it, put it on buns with cheese & mayo, wrap in foil & put in our picnic basket...and off we go!

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Picked up our beef at the butcher a week or so ago. Turns out to be $2.22 a pound. Totally hormone free and raised by the man who lives behind me. That will last us a year. Plus we have a freezer full of deer and a freezer full of chicken.

Got 50 pounds of bacon on a really good deal lst week so I m good on that.

Canned goods have been topped off, except for fresh veggies and fruit, I won't have to go to the store for over a year now. I volunteer at our food bank two days a week and in exchange we get pick of the fresh things, so I usually have plenty of potatoes, apples and such.



Hopefully I will get some canning days in soon to can up and bunch of my goodies....although I am not a fan if a lot if the canned meats, so I just leave them frozen


Work hours have been cut since December, so it is a good feeling to know I don't have to worry about food and household items for a long time.

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