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Make and Can Juice ???

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Hi Everybody


I would like to make and can juice. I have a Jack LaLanne Juicer, but several of you have let me know that the juice must be used immediately and can not be canned. I tried freezing it but with "yucky" results. So I have several questions.


1. I have read about and seen YouTube videos about steam juicers. Have any of you used one? Did you like it? Pros and Cons? Was it easy to use? They are pricey. Does it really matter whether it's made of aluminum or stainless steel?$?$ Any sources for lower priced ones? I've found nothing on Craigslist and/or Freecycle.


2. Should another kind of equipment be used? Same questions: Have you used one? Did you like it? Pros and Cons? Was it easy to use?


3. Are there other ways/methods of making juice to be canned?


For some time now, I've had problems signing in and even responding to posts that I've started. So let me say ahead of time, thank you for your responses and advice. I hope this post shows up.



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I usually just boil the fruit in some water with a little sugar. How much depends on the fruit. Then I put it in a jelly bag to drip, just like making jelly except I don't put near as much sugar in it. After that you can freeze the juice, drink immediately or can it.

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Last year I bought a juicer similar to the Jack LaLanne juicer. It worked great for harder vegetables like carrots and celery, but not at all for softer fruits like grapes and peaches. Apples were possible to juice, but I didn't care for the color, texture or flavor of the juice. It was brown, cloudy and tasted funny. It really did oxydize in the juicer.

I then obtained a steam juicer and tried it on apples. It did a wonderful job. I have not tried it yet on grapes or peaches. A friend of mine told me hers works very well on grapes.

As to the metal, I am hesitant to use any metal but stainless with fruits and juices. I had a problem last year when I extracted grape juice using aluminum ware. The metallic taste was terrible. I canned it and later decanted the juice. The juice was great. I think it was he sediment that had the metallic taste.

Since the steam juicer was a gift I can't comment on where to get the best price. I just know it was expensive. It is of a heavier gauge stainless and the bottom is heavy. I guess that is good because it will be more stable on the stove than a lighter one. I noted that some models had negative feedback on the web concerning warping of thin metal or manufacturing defects. I would definitely try to get one with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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I love my steamer juicer. It makes the prettiest juice for jellies and such. I don't can just juice so I can't help you with that one

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