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ANNOUNCING......................results of the "puppy poll!"

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UPDATE to the update.......................


I "couldn't handle" having a dog whose name did NOT start with a "P" so I renamed her Pashmina! It has the same basic meaning..................but starts with that all-important "P." :girlneener:


Main Entry: pashmina Part of Speech: n Definition: a fine woolen cloth with a soft plush texture similar to cashmere Etymology: Persian 'woolen' from pashm 'wool'


Dictionary.com's 21st Century Lexicon
Copyright © 2003-2014 Dictionary.com, LLC
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Here are some progression pics of her 'growing up:'


First pic-8 wks: puppy_3-8-2014_zpse73ef193.jpg



11 wks: Pashi3-29-14a_zpsd691fc73.jpg



16(?) wks: Pashiangelicsleeping_zps731f2127.jpg

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One of my fur babies runs and bites the vacuum brush when It is in use. I don't know if she is playing or afraid of it. I don't want to pressure her by running it toward her. My best guess is that she thinks she is chasing it away!


Your sweetie has such a sweet expression, but I do agree the attitude is winking at you!

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