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MtRider :wave:....for that matter, hoping I can make it this time. :)


You better make it! It wouldn't be the same without you here :(

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We might be in this year depending on when and if dd can come.


I sure how y'all can make it...it would be so awesome to meet you in person :)

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In fact MomM, I wanted to show you something I'm almost finished rebuilding. You should know that I did it just for YOU! lolol I tore up the yucky old wood floors in the laundry room and laid new ones, plastered and painted the walls and put in new trim (haven't finished the trim around the window yet). The trim stain technique was really kewl...I made a concentrated black tea and brushed that over the rough sawn wood boards and then brushed some vinegar solution that I had put a steel wool pad in to disintegrate to give it a really kewl color.Laundry1.jpg

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This sounds like fun , but am pretty sure I won't be able to go. I am looking at probably carpal tunnel surgery this year and I am going to have to save my vacation time up for it. I would love to go, it fell through when I was going to go in the past. Now I have a decent car for the trip, I have my brothers to care for the pets and so I could manage that, but I need to find out if they are going to do the surgery or a different non-surgical approach. We have already tried exercises, splints and medication and my hands still keep going completely numb, so I think surgery might be all that is left. Once I see the speciallist I will have a better ides. One of these years I am going to make it.

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I wanted to share some pictures of a couple of my soaps so that you can get an idea what we can do at the get together. While the outside artistic part is alot of fun, what's even more important is what is on the 'inside' of the soaps...the oils used, the additives that take the soaps from 'special' to 'luxurious'...that feed and heal the skin:


The first one is with lavender essential oil, calendula infused Sweet Almond oil and aloe vera juice:




These are beer shampoo bars, made with 'wort' (the first stage of the beer making process that is loaded with hair loving ingredients), scented with peppermint, rosemary and lavender essential oils:




This soap is made with aloe vera, chlorella and spirulina powders and is a 'natural' soaps without micas or oxides added for color:




This is a mens soap made with activated charcoal which draws out the toxins from the skin:




I juiced fresh cucumbers and cantelope melons and used the juices as the 'water' portion of this batch of soap:




This soap uses the same skin nurturing and loving oils as the rest, along with heavy cream...I just wanted to make a soap I thought was pretty :):




Old fashioned pine tar soap...great for excema and psoriasis and other skin conditions:




And finally, chocolate and hearts always goes well together :) :





Anyway, that's just a preview of the soaps that I make that I look forward to teaching those who are able to make this years get together. Like I said earlier, we'll be doing some lotions, butters and scrubs too...putting each of us in a better position to hand craft our body care products with ingredients that are healthy for us and our families :).


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Darlene, I'm on a tight budget with dd going off to college. So while I can't afford a rt plane ticket to the gathering this year, I can probably swing purchasing some of that gorgeous soap! Do you have a link to your etsy shop?

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I'm in the process of building the bath and body shop...the url is www.shadowwingsbathandbody.com but it's not open for business yet. If you'd like some of them just send me a pm and I can ship you some out :)

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Lady Darlene made me some unscented, because my allergies are atrocious. It is the most wonderful soap I have ever used. If I get to go, I am anxious to learn how to make it. If not, I will continue to buy it from her.

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Wink Wink..........I want to Shoot too!!!!!!

That's a very special memory for me...your awe and excitement at your first time. We would love for y'all to come again!

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Nice laundry room floor Dar. I have not seen it before. ♥

Now that's not completely true lolol. You were always good at somehow finding it when you came to visit. :)

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DD and I had such a wonderful time at the first gathering. Memories of such super people that we'll never forget. <3 No such thing as *vacation* with the goats now. Will be busy milking and breeding and markets. Someday I'll find my way *home* for a visit. Hope everyone has a wonderful time making forever memories. :)

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