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Who knew stink bugs bite?!


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Would you believe a stink bug, I think - never found it , but it had a hard body and as large as those we have right now, bit me on the neck? I felt something on my neck and when I went to brush it away, felt the bug. It didn't want to leave my neck easily, and when it bit me the burning pain started. I looked it up and sure enough stink bugs bite, and it's comparable to a wasp sting. I made a paste from vinegar and baking soda and it seems to help some. After DH got home, I took a Benadryl and a nap. Tonight, my neck is sore. We continue to watch it.

When I told DH and our kids what happened, their initial reaction was: do stink bugs bite?

Well, Yes they do!!

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The grey stink bugs that my brother has been inundated with for the past many years [in VA] will squirt stuff at you. And boy, do they stink.


Stink bugs vary from region to region. In Iowa, they were a light green. In Colorado they are kinda spiny legs and brown.


Hope you don't get any worse reaction, MomM!!!



MtRider :hug3:

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WEIRD! We're OVERLOADED with them here in TN. Have been the whole time we've lived here (2.5+ years). Hubba scoops them up all.the.time. & takes them outside. He's NEVER been bitten. (The kids & I put jars over them & gently slide cardboard under it. DO NOT like the stinkiness!!!)

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Wow....what a creepy site! Interesting, but ...ick!



Our area has the skinny type with those long antennae. And they do raise their hienys in the air like Philbe said.


The greenies I recognize from Iowa.



MomM....I HOPE you don't have a bite like these pics show.... :( (((MomM)))



MtRider ....they STINK a n d have nasty bites.... :frying pan:

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On the third row toward the middle is the wheel bug.So named because of the wheel shaped ridge on its back.

I think it is the males that have a red spot under the wigs that can be seem and are much larger than the females.

The male can be very aggressive and they emit a spray that should it hit your eyes can blind you. I have alway treated these bugs with the utmost caution! They might have their good points in eradication certain insects, but they do not belong in my house and death came with a fly swat.


I noticed when mowing this week that I was apparently squashing a lot of the smaller grey shield shaped ones, The smell is not very pleasant! I also was surprised to see them crawling on the ground. They do not bode well for the garden as they will destroy squash/pumpkins and most other vining plants.

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The grey shields have been the bane of the east coast for quite a few years now. My brother has finally gotten the HORDES of them out of his house....but for years had been coming home to use the shop vac to gobble up thousands per night. But...they have been migrating.


Yes...he got sprayed by one of them.



Yeeeeesh....creepy, crawly, itchy! One bug. Fine, deal with it. [Even if it was a LARGE black nasty spider crawling out of the sink drain...first thing in the morning when you're half-asleep.... ] Hordes and masses..... creepy!


MtRider :animal0017::runcirclsmiley2::tapfoot:

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