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Covering each other with prayer...

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Dad's "stable" but enzymes in blood (of course) indicate heart. They will keep him a couple or days or so (as long as his medicare will allow him to stay?) but they want to run a chemical stress test & he doesn't want it. So...we'll just wait and see what he decides he'll let them do. :pray:


Doing heart cath this am, and if he needs more stints they'll put them in then. He's got a bunch of them already but they keeps his ticker ticking :-) Dick Cheaney got lots of them too and finally a heart transplant.



Stint is in, and he's going home today :-) "Prayers that availeth much"...thanks!

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I haven't been on here for quite awhile and saw this thread...saying lots of prayers. At the end of last October my mother-in-law fell during the night busting her head open and was hospitalized for several days. Lab tests showed that her very mild form of a pre-leukemia condition had turned extremely aggressive and they gave her only 30 days...she passed away December 2nd. At the end of December my DH had a dr. visit and after being cancer free for 2 years we were told that it was back :( DH had daily radiation all of February, March, and into the first week of April...he didn't miss a day of work but was really tired. We just found out this week that the radiation didn't work and that the lab level before radiation is now more than 4X higher. We had a bone scan and some other tests done this morning and will meet with a medical oncologist on Wednesday. Before all this started we had found some land (after looking for approx 15 years) and were in the middle of building our little house. We still have the big house in town and are trying to get it sold. Everything is a little overwhelming right now but I know God is always good.


Just putting one foot in front of the other.

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I'm so sorry to hear of all this for you, Blest. God, give this family the faith to cling to You. Give them courage and patience and hope in You.


MtRider :pray:

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**Still praying**

So sorry to hear your news, blestmomof4. Not much comfort, but at least you know what you're fighting.

May God work a mighty miracle in your lives, and bring you His peace. :pray:

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When they diagnosed my first husband with a brain tumor, the first thing I did was "let down the anchor in a safe port"...after his surgery & radiation we moved back to our home town and into mother's upstairs apartment. We now own the whole property and son lives in that tiny little apartment, but you know what? It's been a sanctuary! That's why it's hard for me to consider selling it even after mother passes on :-( We all have beautiful dreams but I'd think staying put is my best advise to you. Keep him in familiar surroundings, near people you know, and near his doctors.

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