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No more juice boxes for us!

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I'm sorry, putting clear plastic bottoms on your drinks so that I can "check for mold" is NOT an acceptable solution to this problem! REALLY? They think this is a good solution??? :shakinghead:


No more juice boxes for us....



Mold found in popular juice box brands



Parents have reported finding mold inside many popular juice box brands.


Complaints with pictures and videos have been popping up online so Eyewitness News went looking for answers.


"It's dangerous in the sense that if there's mold allowed to grow in a container like that, there could be other things in a container like that," said Amy Hanoian-Fontana of the Connecticut Poison Control Center. "For example, a bacterial type of food poisoning."


Experts said there were no significant or long-term health effects if this particular mold was ingested. However, they said there were some things on which to keep an eye.


"So what would we do if someone called the poison center with that kind of call?" said Hanoian-Fontana. "We would walk them through what signs or symptoms to expect and what to watch for. Just what to be on the lookout for."


The incidents inspired maker Capri Sun to take action.


The company said starting this month, Capri Sun juice pouches will have clear bottoms so buyers can check for mold before anyone takes a sip.








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Did you know that if you make up juice in a glass/plastic/whatever

container that if you do not wash it between fillings that it will mold?


When filling your container at the soft drink/tea machine have you ever

looked inside the straws that fill your glass/cup and

seen the mold growing inside the straw? Or yuck! tasted the mold?

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