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another old post and a good one. I have a book on meals in a jar. Another project I need to get done but need to find the space and to buy more canning jars as well.  I was disapointed that at the end of the season no one around here put them on sale. Not even the lids were on sale.  The prices have been steady going up on them. So I always wait till end of season to buy them. I think I am going to have to pay the piper come spring if I run out of jars and pay the full price. Ouch!

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Thing about meals in a jar is that you can use spaghetti sauce jars and mayonnaise jars...unless the family gets tired of looking at the collection of clean empty jars and tosses them all out when you're not home. 

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8 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I don't store most of my meals in jars...in jars. I keep a few out because they are pretty. :nail: but the majority of them get dumped into a Mylar bag and sealed and stored away in a bucket. 

There you go being practical!:D

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Hi Jeepers, I like the idea of using the mylar bags for the meals in a jar.  It's great to be practical. Saves on the jars for garden stuff. So when I can get the time to start doing those,   I will be pulling out my mylar bags. Need to hit the market up for more 5 gal. buckets.

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On 10/20/2019 at 8:21 PM, Littlesister said:

I think I am going to have to pay the piper come spring if I run out of jars and pay the full price. Ouch!



If I have to buy new jars or lids, I get them from Dollar General..  They have golden harvest brand.  I like them better than Walmart or Ball--less fails.

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Jeepers, I am going to make some of the meals in a jar up and do like you said. Make in jar and then transfer to mylar bags. Defintly saves on jars.

Snapshotmiki, we have general dollars here but have not seen any canning jars in any of them. But will check again. I have a lot of the golden harvest brand jars as well. Got a lot of them from yard sales for like 10 to 25 cents each. Haven't had any issues with them.




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I am liking the idea of mylar bags also for meals. Takes up less space and easier to store. Plus not as heavy when you have to grab and go. Not just running away but for vacations also. I had rather take the bags in a plastic bucket than try and haul glass jars. 

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I thought about using quart size Food Saver vacuum bags too. And storing them in buckets. But I'd be afraid the vacuum sealer would suck out the spices. Also, most of those meals use either pasta or noodles and they are known for poking holes in the plastic bags.



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