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Clear gel thickener for canning

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Most of us may be familiar with Clear gel, a modified corn starch that is used to thicken sauces and pie fillings etc.


There are 2 types....regular and instant. The regular is the only thickener that I know of that is approved for canning.


I have just recently learned that you can substitute regular clear gel for pectin. There are some adjustments that need to be made to the recipe when using clear gel instead of pectin but the great news is that it has no expiration date like pectin does.


This will be a great item to store in our long term preps!!


For more info go to:




and 1 source to purchase in bulk:





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As a personal preference I tend to use pectin since it is a natural ingredient that is already present in the fruit whereas ClearJel is a modified cornstarch that is added. No difference in taste and probably very little difference in texture if done successfully so it falls to the convenience and preference of the person.

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