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Don't be surprised if measles rears its ugly head across the globe too.


There was a HUGE annual horse show and auction benefit in Holmes County Ohio this month. Well over 23,000 people from all over the world attended the two day event. Some of the countries included Australia, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, and New Zealand. I forgot to write them all down but those countries are the tip of the iceberg. This is such a big event every year. There is also another huge event that occurs three times a year, every year in March, June and October. This is the very popular draft horse sale and almost as many people attend these from all over the world too.


These events are so much fun make many many thousands of dollars for charities BUT what they weren't broadcasting around is the fact that there is an epidemic of measles in that area right now. The worst measles epidemic in the nation since 1994. It was started from the Philippines and brought back by some Amish going there sponsored by Christian Aid Ministries. Now it has spread like wildfire because many of the Amish will not vaccinate. It is not against Amish religion to vaccinate and the vaccinations are offered for free brought to their doorstep and school houses if they will participate. Yet Personal choice.

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