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Prayer regarding hurricanes

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I just looked at Hurricanes Iselle and Julio....both heading for Hawaiian Islands if they do not veer off.







Iselle scheduled to hit late Thursday and Julio looks to be arriving early Sunday.



An error in reports say that hurricanes/tropical storms rarely hit Hawaii. That's true but they've listed two in 02 and 07 (I think) and then claim that previous to that you'd have to go back to 1800's. NOT! I was there for Hurricane Iniki in Summer of 1993 ....Sept 11, 1992. (oops) It really mashed over Kauai and did damage on all islands. Saw waves 'eat' a wharf.... :blink: Unbelievable. Saw a sailboat on the highway. Definitely hurricane force. Hmph, careless history research! :pout:


Bertha seems to have downgraded and missed US...


MtRider ...having sent email with advisory to !PREP! to family on Maui. :pray:

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Just talked to Maui. DD2 is GETTING READY! DD1....not so much...just spinning in circles. Bottled water is GONE. Dunno...still propane [grills] and rice yet. DD2 got both and batteries, and food. They have water in 5 gal jugs brought in for house and their business. 2 wks she said...but I should have asked...bathing? Flushing?


Warned her that they might be sitting in house with storm overhead for hours....X2. So she stopped at her 4th store today for juice boxes, snacks, fast-no fix food.


Now if she can get her sister out the door for her needs...meds?.....


MtRider :wub: ....mebbe she HAS been listening..... :)

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Fill soda bottles! Most folks have them! My son is getting ready too. I am sure his whole neighborhood and the marine base are getting ready to help themselves and Koneohe, HI, when it goes through them . Lots of tourists cutting trips short and flew out today. All the regulars there know...they are prepping like mad, they know it will be a mess. Prayers of course for everyone there.

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I should have advised her to fill soda bottles and whatnot for washing and such. Thot of that later. But unless things have changed, no one drinks the water on Maui. I've been sending short little emails and receiving same back. This morning was a bit of rain, then the sun peeked out. Family is all at home as 2 of 3 adults are teachers and Grsons are student -- and all schools are closed Thurs/Fri.


Praying for your kids too, Arby-Sass! How long are they there?


MtRider :pray:

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Word from DD2....it's sunny and people came in their store [not food/preps] to shop. She was their to cover merchandise with plastic. :blink: Effects expected to hit Maui between 9-10pm their time. [1-2AM Mountain time]. They'll be going thru this in the night. :(



Arby, I calculated for your time zone..Eastern. The effects will hit Oahu between noon and 1pm. That's 6-7AM on Friday morning Hawaii time.

Kauai...not until 4-5pm Friday their time.



OK....trying not to :runcirclsmiley2: Y'know, I was doing pretty good until I looked at an infra-red pic. :blink: Oh MY! Eselle looks so HUGE it will gobble up the whole island chain.


And then Julio is coming along, getting stronger! Up to a Cat 3 now...barely at 115 mph. 111mph is threshold into Cat 3. It's still expected to veer north of the islands....but they're still 'coned'.


MtRider :pray:

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Oh my word!!! How are either of you still sane???? I'd be nuts. Praying, Praying, Praying for your families. I have a friend there but haven't heard anything from here since I left Facebook.

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We called them just as DD2/SIL were finishing at their store. They were covering everything in plastic in case of roof leaks, etc. They aren't in a flood zone. Said one Grson is ANXIOUS. That is his temperament and we've been praying for him, specifically. Hopefully auntie/cousins will spend this night with them, due to possible flooding issues at their own house. :unsure:


Oddly, they did good business at the store today. Hadn't planned to be open but had to prep the store. Tourists saw a last chance opportunity to get their Maui stuff before storm shut everything down. Nice bonus and a blessing cuz they will be closed for several days. This does not do anyone's economy any good.


It will begin through the night for them ....an awful proposition. Can't see what's going on and that would drive me nuts. Told them to keep sending emails for us to read tomorrow morning.



Got a chance to remind her to pour water for bathing, etc. 'OH, I need to get kids into showers and then fill tubs,' she says. :thumbs:


We're having 'weather' here too, but just mountain thunderstorms. Hail X3 today. Big lightning headed this way. I'm ignoring it cuz.....does not compare to our Maui Ohana. :grouphug:


MtRider ...prayers are all appreciated, folks. :sSig_thankyou:

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My son and his wife started prepping with everyone else in Kaneohe. Perhaps DIL will be working , I know DS will help anywhere in community or neighbors. I just saw where Hilo, Big Island , east side waves are 15 to 25 feet already. I still did not get any pics yet from him. I am sure they will send pics of storm. There is flash flood warnings there in Kaneohe, so anywhere you are down slope or live on the slopes , well........ I sure hope they are smart about it. ( anyone living there. ) I think son got hired to teach already. I do not know if they started school already. If so, he may be assisting there as needed too, if they don't have major problems at home. DIL is doing admin work, but shes a logistics officer so , we shall see. Might be loading helo's to bring to isolated folks soon.

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Have not gotten emails from Maui Ohana (family)..... <_< Well, hopefully, that means they went to bed. But ....but...... :unsure:


Media reports some trees down on power lines on Maui. Crews out and restored much of it. Can't get into some ravines. Heavy/moderate rains on Hana side of Haleakala (the big volcano cone that makes up the big blog of Maui's two blobs). Site danger of high winds for NW corner of Maui....the point reaching out to touch Molokai. The ocean channel there is called Pailolo.....it means crazy fisherman. [one of few places off shore from Maui that we didn't kayak]. The terrain causes winds to be bad there....under normal circumstances.


I've found interesting weather sites:



that one is not 'real time' tho. Click buttons to chose which type of imaging.





this has real time webcam for various parts of Maui

Also can click button just under that and it shows infrared image of whole weather systems



MtRider ....keeping a wary eye on Julio while waiting to see what back side of Eselle throws upwards to Maui... :pc_coffee:

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ok, ty. So far Oahu is ok. I think Julio, depending on how close , if it veers north is a concern as it goes by. I hope your kids and grans are ok, Mt Rider. They may just have gone to a shelter or power is out . not sure about cell towers , but they certainly may be affected on the big island for now.

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Heard from Maui :happy0203: and all is .....quite nothing! Other than the high country I mentioned before, their area is fine. But...have to be still wary of Julio on Sunday. They're tired and did a lot of stuff for seemingly "nothing". I hope they realize it wasn't for nothing.



MtRider ....tired too.....

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Definitely! Thank you all for concern and prayers. All clear for Eselle on Maui and basically a no show where my kids are. Upcountry got some damage and SIL has family on Big Island. Don't know if they have heard from them or not.


Julio looks to be tracking far enough north and is just edging down in windspeed....close to becoming a Cat 1. :hapydancsmil:



MtRider :amen:

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