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economy effecting homeschool publishers

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I was talking to my friend that uses Switched on School House and she said the prices have gone up about $100 over the last couple of years. I had bought some workbooks from Hayes Publishing for ds when I homeschooled him for 8th grade and wanted to use them for dd this year. I went online to order and all the workbooks they had listed were for learning French and Spanish. I called the 800 number and was told they quit publishing their workbooks because when they went to do a reprint the publishing cost had tripled and they decided to just not sell them anymore. I was told if I could find any at Amazon or other stores that might have stock that I could copy them for educational use. The really sad thing is they went from about a 40 page catalog of inventory to nothing. I wonder how many other companies will face the same issues in the near future and will either stop publishing or raise the cost so much that not many can afford it?

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