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Sick Room -- total isolation and lessor illnesses


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With Ebola bouncing around on the news more and more, it's time to talk about supplies and techniques for your own sick room.


Now there is a great deal of difference between a terribly deadly AIRBORNE disease and an illness that you have to take moderate precautions for not being in the way of someones cough or used kleenex. Let's talk about both but discern between them.


Medical folks....we'll value your input.


Here's an article about stocking your sickroom. It's a place to start.





MtRider ....I know we've had other threads about this too.... :fever:


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I have an extremely well sick room set up. I wish I would have kept the list I was using but I deleted each item as I bought them. I've been thinking about taking an inventory so I guess now would be a good time. I'll try to do it this week end and list what I have. I've been working at it for a long long time.

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Respirator masks:





BeccaAnne posted this link to N100 [100% barrier] over on the Ebola thread. YIKES.... over $7 EACH for such masks? Ones without the exhalation valve might be less expensive but...I can barely breathe if I try to use masks without the exhalation valve.


I've been picking up N95 masks [good for other situations but apparently not quite adequate for close contact with such as Ebola]. Mine have the exhalation valve. Finally got my dad started on them when he does painting and other stuff that makes him dizzy. [he actually got some paint masks recently ...after getting dizzy the first day] I use them for my dust allergy when I'm outside during DUSTY days.






N or P? 100 vs 95?

The number behind the N or P stands for percentage of barrier. Higher the number, the more barrier. 100% for Ebola. 95% is pretty good for some other applications. They say it's adequate for TB, for instance. Make your choices.


The P stands for petroleum. Any oily substance should have these. N = non-petroleum. Other usage. So my dad's painting: if it's an oil-based paint, he should get a P95 or whatever number.





By the way, plain old pleated surgical masks, as I understand it, is to protect the patient from the medical person's exhalations/spit particles. Doesn't do so much to protect those wearing it. But, it's better than nothing. I use these for dust too. I look real funny while riding horse and pull this up when a dust-spreading vehicle drives by. :lol: Bandits with surgical mask instead of the traditional Western bandana.

41D9YNfxR8L._SL500_SS100_.jpg +




There are some labeled N95 in this pleated style but you can see that you are not protected with a tight seal like the molded, cup-shaped respirators ...so I'm not sure I'd want to be in close contact with others wearing this style. As a precaution when not in crowds, perhaps. Lots of informed choices to make.


Remember children's sizes! ...in whatever type you're buying for the adults...






Remember, these are disposable.


I reuse IF I'M USING FOR DUST BARRIER....I vacuum them. BUT NOT FOR MICROBES! :wacko: NOT!




Final caution:



N95 respirator mask does not supply oxygen. It will not work for gases, vapors, odors, or oil particles. Do not use in spaces where high concentration of a toxic substance can occur.

N95 Masks may help reduce exposure to airborne biological contaminants, but they don't eliminate the risk of exposure to infection, illness or death. Masks will not prevent you from catching airborne virus in other wasys such as touching your mouth, nose and eyes with contaminated hands or objects. Your best protection is keeping your hands clean.

Credit to Walgreens site.




So that's some fine points of consideration on respirator masks. Any other questions or data for our choices?


MtRider :behindsofa: ....um, sofa not rated N100

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add kids sizes!
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Husband of mt3b here, and have to tell you, on those masks.. if you're like me and have facial hair, they won't seal very well. I work in a hospital, in the maintenance department and we had to be fitted... Was told because of my trimmed goatee, that it won't help me. :D

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Hiya, Saintsfan! I knew I'd heard that name before. Thanks for that insight! :thumbs:


When my dh did a lot of scuba diving on Maui, he shaved everything off. But being a mountain man now.... :santa: We need to have this discussion! I know a bandana isn't a P95 but better than nothing.... I'm thinking of coming across lower jaw and down around the neck. Or it could be Saran wrap. Get sweaty but that would seal it.



:whistling: ....I'm trying NOT to suggest duct tape to seal it better against the skin.... :blink:



Or just step up to this:

  1. 293039m3_ts.jpg


MtRider ....anyone else with a whiskery dh?

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:hi: saintsfan, :welcome: back.



We have both types of masks. The only problem I see, is deciding when to wear them.


When do we decide that it is bad enough out there to wear them any time we leave our homes - work, shopping, etc?


Like you mentioned MtR, there is a lot of ebola news - theories, hypothesizes, assumptions.


When DH worked with/around 1,000's of people who were from other countries, we were regularly tested. I will admit, when his co-workers and friends come over, or while shopping and I see/hear someone coughing, a wave of fear goes through my mind, wondering if they have come in contact with something that we might get. :shakinghead:



Is there room enough for me behind that sofa? :behindsofa:

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A few years ago I stocked up heavily on N95 masks. I found these Duck-Bill masks that fit my two youngest children. My little one was probably about 5 and these fit her well enough that there were no gaps. My older daughter was about 15 and she has a very small face. The Duck-Bill masks were the only ones that fit her without a gap too.


I want to add a caution to those who, like me, stocked up on masks. My DH uses them in his workshop when painting or using solvents. More than one of my boxes of masks that I purchased a few years ago had the strap degrade enough that they pulled off when trying to put them on. Check your masks and make sure they are not too old that they are unusable.





I also have those other masks that are pictured above in a previous post. They are not N95 masks but I figured if someone was sick and coughing they can be used on the patient to keep from spraying their cough.

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More than one of my boxes of masks that I purchased a few years ago had the strap degrade enough that they pulled off when trying to put them on. Check your masks and make sure they are not too old that they are unusable.


Good point! Rubber bands have a bad habit of degrading in our arid climate. I keep some in the crisper drawer of our fridge. Seems to help. ....but don't have room for boxes of masks with rubber bands for securing the mask. :scratchhead:Trying to think of alternative. Cuz the stretch is the means of making them fit tight. Ideas anyone if the mask is good but the bands are not???????



Thanks for the link for the 'duck bill' shaped masks. Gotta supply our youngsters tooooo!


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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