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Never heard of these knitting tools

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I'm thinking of so many folks with unstable hands [....like me or folks getting older] who could be a lot more stable with these devices. If they were so common, why haven't I heard of them?


Even used bound up wads of straw or fish spines.



MtRider ....need needles with points on both ends to poke into the holder.

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Also shows a Youtube vid of Lever knitting. Tucking a long needle under one arm for the same affect as a knitting belt.



MtRider .....Now if I could fix my fragile neck so I could look down for periods of time without passing out..... :rolleyes:

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Yeah, you'd need double pointed needles.


Some guy invented a device for his grandma who has arthritis in her hands and could no longer knit. I'm still not sure of its purpose other than to ease wrist pain. I think I'm missing something.


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