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Ok so I picked up a 1 pound bag of parboiled rice. Never used it before. Don't use instant rice either. So what do I have to look forward to with this parboiled rice?


IF we like it I plan on buying it to use in my emergency meals that I am putting together...sort of like Chef Tess's meals in jars but I am using gallon mylar bags.

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I use to use nothing but parboiled rice until I tried jasmine. Now jasmine is my favorite .I have read that jasmine rice has a shorter storage life (similar to storing brown rice) Parboiled is like Uncle Bens. The grains don't cook up sticky and starchy like regular rice. They stay separate. I would think that it would be good to store. I think I might try it in my storage meals too.

Also parboiled rice looks cleaner than regular. I cook my rice then put in a colander and rinse. If all your ingredients are mixed in the mylar bag or jar, you wont be able to rinse it before or after you cook it.

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Just a note about storage rice: If you purchase from places like Providential Pantry, etc.....do NOT ever rinse the rice. It is assumed that you will need a lot of nutrition and it has been coated with more vitamins/something. You'll be washing that down the drain.


Since we prefer to get our rice from Asian markets, they have traditionally mixed talc with the rice to make it pour better....so we're in the habit of rinsing before cooking. Trudy, why would you ever rinse the processed rice? I've never used such so I don't know about it.


MtRider :scratchhead:

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I guess that I rinse my rice because that is the way my mama taught me to do it! lol It removes some of the starch that makes rice so sticky. I'm sure you do lose some of the nutrients though. When you rinse it before cooking the water is cloudy and dirty looking so it just seems to me to need it. Isn't it funny how you just assume that everyone does things the same way as you do? Maybe it's just a southern thang!

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We use brown rice. I've got all the kids more or less liking the flavor and I don't do long term storage just rotating through. And we don't have really hot weather here so it stores better. I do rinse the rice just to get all the dust off and help keep it from being more sticky than it should be.

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:lol: yeah, having Korean dd's....sticky is normal and desired cuz how ya gonna pick it up on chopsticks otherwise! Asian rice, to me, has HUGE flavor and long rice is quite yucky bland. :yuk: We might buy cheapo long rice to give to the dog when they are having digesting distress. It's not people food....if we can possibly afford better.


Rice that separates into individual grains.....is that something that was perpetrated during my childhood so folks would lean towards processed foods? I remember the early commercials showing rice on a fork dropping off individual grains. That does not naturally occur. Like bleached WHITE flour that we've all been acclimated to expect. That doesn't occur without chlorine gas either. Just sayin'.....


Yep, expectations and 'we always did it this way'.... :shrug:


But the rice from LDS type storage is different issue. Check the facts but my LDS friend told me that rice is fortified with more nutrient so don't wash it off. Heaven knows we'd need all the nutrient that we could get in hooey-hits-fan.


Parboiled would certainly be useful for situations where long cooking times would not be possible. :campfire:


MtRider :feedme:

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I always rinse my rice before cooking it too. The water looks so dusty I figured it had just gone from the field to the bag. Kinda like soup beans. Now that I think about it, I sort of remember the directions on the bag, way back when, said to rinse it. I could be wrong on that one. Maybe it is an American/Southern (same thing :icon19:) thang. I like my rice in single grains too. I equated sticky with starchy. Anyone know what the directions on the bag says these days? All of my rice is either in a bucket or a jar.

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That's my exception Homey. When I cook Asian dishes, I rinse the rice before I cook it. It's still sticky enough after cooking. When we eat Chinese (which is quiet often) we get 'sticky rice'. When DS was a toddler his papa and nanny taught him to say 'Chinese chow'. He never asked for McD like the other kids, he always asked for 'Chinese chow'! He still loves it.

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I have never used parboiled rice. Will have to give it a try.  I buy my rice in 25 lb bags and put in mylar bags with 02 obsorbers and into a food grade 5 lb bucket.  The rice will last for years like that. Though I rotate it out as we use it. I keep about 2 buckets of rice at all times in storage and date it for the rotation. never had a problem. I have never rinsed my rice as that is the first time I have heard of anyone doing that. 

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