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Stuck in a small town place, in the middle of a huge wilderness. Knitting projects and help.

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Probably bed socks, lol.

Most sock yarn is 75% or 80 % wool and then 20 or 25 % nylon for fingering weight yarns.


with worsted weight 100% wool , for boot socks, you add in something like Wooly Thread, a nylon thread, in the heel and toes for durability, for boot socks. Well made and cared for, they will last a decade usually.

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Ok, grey marl socks, moving along, did gusset pick up stitches and working the gusset. I do believe this is the very first time I have not messed up on stitches on heel. * Pats myself on the back for that. It does mess with the symmetry of the patterning you are trying to achieve! I am, however just now getting the right number of dpn needles going on my third round of the gusset part. I should have that done sooner. I am a bit foggy headed from benydryl and evidently the tryptophan in the refried quesadilla this morning are doing in my mental ability, even with two stout cups of coffee !


Very happy my heel looks this good.

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I have been only doing short spurts of knitting but just about done with reducing the gusset part to the foot stitch count.... hopefully tonight I can get along with it. I think I will cast on the other sock too and do the cuff once I reach the foot on this first sock of the pair. Found my other dpns set that matches these.

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It remained nuts to the end of yesterday..... did they not deliver my cat food to my door? No knock either... umm, email comes at least half an hour later, so I look outside....... hmm, nada......... I was ticked.



So, I finally got the pages to load on shetlandwoolweek.com ( I think that is it. )

This is a wonderful knit hat that is adorable and can be quite sophisticated at the same time. It involves color work. I have seen some beginner knitters do this in the Knitting groups so, it isn't all that hard.... One day I would love to make one. Some make them in other colors than shown, and they all turn out just grand.


Average adult head size.



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