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Stuck in a small town place, in the middle of a huge wilderness. Knitting projects and help.

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for anklets... rain forest coloring in dye work.... pattern might stripe or be variegated.. wool free yarn... ends up it is acrylic based, fine weight, soft and stretchy . I will require finer dpn needles than the socks did. going to just try a higher number combo for ribbing. Not sure if I will play with a real pattern for instep and front of ankle.....

I would like to practice the partridge heel but I have that in my Ann budd sock book to look at. It is pretty but also sturdy enough for running shoes or boot wear. Not difficult either.


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Cast on has gone very smoothly. I sure hope I have enough stitches so it does not have to stretch too much to go on ankle area.

It is smooth, light yarn and it has a sheen I doubt you can see from my camera shot, but it actually is very pretty and the sheen really brings it out and the interplay between the medium green and black . It is not as dull as it seems . post-63323-0-35864500-1414547083_thumb.jpg

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:lol: I just figured out that dpn means: double-pointed needles.


MtRider ...my fingers are itching to try something....but I can't even find the notebook where I recorded the Tunisian crochet stitch that Stephanie taught Madison and Madison taught me. Can't FIND it! Don't remember without my cues. :yar:

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This pic may show up a bit better.

Ribbing and cast on part I did last night... it is coming up with a bit of variegation with colors enhancing other colors as I continue just the ribbed cuff, K2, P2 because the stitches cast on are divisable by 4.post-63323-0-65094500-1414617813_thumb.jpg



I am eager to see how the teal color goes with this project of knitting anklet type socks. I like the feel of the yarn too. It is very light. Unfortunately I should have done a swatch and probably needed to add about 8 stitches more for cast on to be more comfy in how I like fit to feel. They may end up being a bit snug compared since I really do think on these needles I had more than 8 spi. ( Stitch per inch) and for my circumfrence on ankle measurement, and how it snugs up a tad, I should have done 72 stitches instead of the usual 64 that is suggested. If it is tighter than I estimate how it will be in reality, I will have to frog the whole thing and start over. I am prepared emotionally for that , since I realized maybe I goofed . It is how one learns. It does not necessarily automatically come out just right . I also should have done a swatch to familiarize myself before casting on for the sock itsself. That too is very basic and gives more clues. Duh.

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I can't begin to tell you how many times I have 'unstiched' projects. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing etc. It happens to everyone. I've even had to rip out stitches so many times when quilting, that I had to throw the patch away because I unstitched so many times in the same place the material became too thin to use. Sometimes it pays to just start all over; if I don't then I keep thinking about the mistake and start to obsess over it. :rolleyes:


I really really really like those colors!

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the colors and contrasts pop more ,but this pic helped a bit against all white background , it made it show up despite cheap snapshot with just a cell camera. Yep, it's inevitable sometimes something is not just so when you knit or sew and you end up ripping it out and starting over and yes if its too many times, it will ruin materials or yarn. I am being very gentle as I knit this , in case it comes down to it. I probably won't even try it on until the heel sections come together.. I will know then. If I can even get it on! LOL.

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google can translate web page, from Finnish to English ... this is Anelma's work with sock knitting efforts in Finland.... Truly incredible. done with 4 weight wool yarns, embellished with knit and crochet flowers Looks like a landscape if you click on the pictures on blog they will come up large enough to see better detail close up. Anelma is in one of my knitting groups on FB too. ( that I belong to.)

Her knee socks. The crew length green socks are a birch leaf pattern. Those are mid page.


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Have reached the place where I do the gusset on first anklet, then that is when I try it on after that is complete and a bit of the foot is done ...... this is where I see if I really put on enough cast on stitches.... I am a bit leery this time...... it is a finer yarn even if the number was the same as Pattons Kroy Sock Yarn.

They do vary..... I might need to add half an inch to an inch total stitches per inch were about 8...... according to pattern but I got in a hurry and did not do a swatch to check it and I should have, so this is my other way , before continuing and wasting time...



In fact in general , you need to do swatches and then adjust cast on , which is going by circumfrence of your leg or ankle ( for anklets) , if you are doing cuff down and you would still have to do the math if you are doing toe up style and the last part you do then is the leg and cuff.


I also don't like the whole sock too tight or too look stretched beyond what commercial socks look like and I see that a lot with folks knitting socks and the pictures they post. I don't have fat legs or ankles but I really wonder about what is called negative ease , as it has to do with that.


So, soon I can check and see how much adjustment I may actually need to do to be comfortable. This is all part of learning, and with different yarns it will vary as well.... and different sizes and whether it has some give or not when you tug on it, not just how much elastic quality comes from the actual knitting.


ok......... walked in town and its nippy out.... I need to wear my mittens now! I do have some ready made and my big heavy duty ones but I also have yarn I could use for some quick mitts I could practice a bit of color work in as well and I have some patterns, so I will probably have those on the needles this week too. They are a pretty fast knit too, and useful project at this time of year.


Also since it could be in the budget, I ordered the other skein of yarn I needed to do my kerchief.....It is such pretty colors, wash and wear and is very soft looking, and kerchiefs are amazingly useful . And not likely as sweaty as a knit cap can be for me sometimes.... keep the hair neat in the breeze.


The other addition to hardbound knitting library shelf books is Socks A La Carte. Great book, gives variety and quick way to show how you can combine various bodies, heels and toes , and foot parts ( patterns) and pictures of them in a flip style section of the book, patterns are easy to read as well. Good book to have. It was ordered last month and took a while in the mail but it has now been placed within reach, lol.

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I can ask in the fb knitting group or I can search for one online. do you want to do one knitting or with crochet? Lionbrand.com may have either...... and it is rare to get a pattern for one with a pony tail hole... but someone actually was just posting the pictures of theirs in the last couple days on the group so I can ask and if I get a link < I will post it here for you. She knit hers.

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purl is just on the front side of the needle. I guess I throw, so to speak but it gets the job done ..... I don't worry about a certain style and that may be what is holding you up, just be comfortable in how you hold those sticks up and see what you can do. I can help you with other basic stitches , ..... luckily have been exposed constantly to others more experienced and I picked up the concepts fast this way with the fb groups. It helped me understand reading the way patterns are written much quicker, which can seem a real quagmire. I just have to do more different stitches. I can play with a six stitch cable down my instep on the anklets now , and get used to how that works. ( Cables in general are just lots of very simple positioning of the stitches which you complete ..... but even if you can't envision how it 'does' it, it works out if you follow it stitch by stitch, repeat by repeat...)

Oh, also have cast on's cast off info for various methods which are used for various projects, info available if anyone needs help. I can write them down here if someone tells me what they need. There are a couple cast ons I really need to study up on, so that info will be kept close to hand as long as my laptop functions until I can get a hard copy book in a few months time probably. 211 variations, cast on's , and cast off's.



Do a ten stitch cast on with a light colored yarn, because you can simply see it better , then do five knits, five purls, then turn and do that again about ten times...... see what it does. Variations of that will give you a variety of stitches.... ribbing for that could be two knit, two purl, which is 2x2 ribbing, for instance

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Hah! Some nice lady figured out a simple cable centered scarf to do.......... gave us all the pattern .... it will work and add some class to my accessories while running about town on cold windy snowy days! Hurrah! She also did a great pic of her blue scarf. Mine will just be brown with that super chunky , and I can use smaller needles so it will naturally be more dense,but I think will work just fine....... :D


I have copy and pasted the pattern notes to a document, its just not office , so just ask, I can PM it to you. I also can post a picture of her blue scarf , its a nice clear picture and I do like the blue she used, I just have brown handy. If you want me too, anyone just speak up.


It's only 5 pretty simple rows straight needles and a cable needle. Even her scarf ends up not super wide. Its classy but easy to knit up. She did an awesome job on hers. She wants anyone to be able to have the simple pattern for their own use.

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it ends up about 5 inches wide, hope that is ok. I actually like that it is a bit narrower than many modern patterns. I don't like to fold mine in half and you can adjust length to suit your own needs. I might go about 55 inches long rather than 72" like she did , for instance. Otherwise it gets in my way with stuff I am trying to manage..... in my hands walking hills and such groceries........ In fact I may make it shorter so I can just tuck it inside my jacket in front when I wear it. I am thin enough to zip that puppy up now. lol.

( well, thinner than I was , lol)

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I will, just rolled the Lion Brand super chunky tweed. If I use sz 11 or 13 needles , it will be more close knit and less likely to catch on stuff... and be fairly narrow, NOT sure about it going real long , since this uses up yarn faster because of density of the stitches per inch ( some how that happens), so you are short too and you get it.... I love many of the popular fashionable looks but they just get in the way so this seemed a wonderful idea and its pretty enough to be femenine or classy looking for either gender. And uses a minimum of yarn ... which saves money. I think we can manage with one skein no matter , but honestly I did not ask to be sure, so I am winging it .... I can scrape up enough for another if I need it, but hoping not. At least its not six or eight inches wide and that does definitely use up more yarn too, so this may work . I will post pics. I think even 48 inches in length might be just fine as I wrap it around back of neck and might tie under chin if weather is wild, or tuck into jacket and zip jacket up, quick and simple.

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Ah! First row, she assumes you know to put yarn in front to do purl stitches after knit stitches... ( then for going back to knit, you would place it going to the back again) .... not sure if you knew how to do that. Sitting here doing first row........ will do four rows and be ready to start cable , but I need to get er started well enough... I just bolded the row instructions and changed colors to read them more easily on my document... it actually helps my brain read faster when it comes to instructions or definitions .

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I was just downloading pics on line this morning and recently other pics I took on my cell downloaded just fine. I know the pic got sent to my gmail, and I have downloaded twice, cannot find the silly pic.

Ok, did get first four rows done and ready to start cable... make sure from your first row , since you are switching between knit and purl stitches ,that it only results in 18 stitches total, per row.


If there are more, you did an accidental yarn over somehow, and it needs to be removed , usually frog back and start over.

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First four rows establish 4 stitches of stockinette, 2 stitches of garter stitch, 6 stitches of stockinette which is base for cable pattern , 2 stitches of garter stitch, 4 stitches of stockinette. This also establishes edge over all, as well.


Ok, I can also see how it is expected the knitter already knows how to do the cable stitch pattern already. <_<


Now is where i dig into pattern dictionary, cause I tried , even varied how cable needle is placed but there are empty spots , so dictionary will give me details ....


oh, ballpoint stick pens work as size 11 needles just fine, you can use them for the 'cable needle knitting and holding those stitches for the cable work. ) I just figured that out.


Going to look for six stitch cable pattern in my kindle book........ brb. maybe that will allow me to copy and paste ... generic basic cable design...

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