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Stuck in a small town place, in the middle of a huge wilderness. Knitting projects and help.

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ok, here is basic left going cable with six stitch pattern , but I will just use base and only worry about the cable needle stitches, 3 stitches there and the other three stitches as I already have basic stitches on edging going....



Turner, Sharon (2012-01-04). Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) (Kindle Location 3380). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.


This is the mirror image to the right cable, so it twists to the left. C6F: Sl next 3 sts to cn and hold at front of work, k3 from left needle, then k3 from cn.


The above C6F stitch is what we are incorporating into this scarf pattern over all. It repeats the same 4 rows , as you knit the total 4 rows in whole.. I think. Let me see if it works overall or if one has to also use C6B on it..... yep, it takes a while but I am gaining in understanding and can try and help you or anyone do this the first time and trying to sort out actual notes on how.

Turner, Sharon (2012-01-04). Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) (Kindle Locations 3375-3377). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.



Additionally, ( Below) this is the whole stitch pattern set up if you start from absolute scratch and wanted just a garter stitch base/background to the cable.


This is the mirror image to the right cable, so it twists to the left. C6F: Sl next 3 sts to cn and hold at front of work, k3 from left needle, then k3 from cn. Cast on a multiple of 8 sts plus 2.


Row 1 (RS): P2, *k6, p2; rep from * to end.

Row 2 (WS): K2, *p6, k2; rep from * to end.

Row 3 (cable row): P2, *C6F, p2; rep from * to end.

Row 4: Rep row 2. Rep rows 1– 4 for 6-stitch left cable.

Turner, Sharon (2012-01-04). Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) (Kindle Locations 3386-3387). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.

Turner, Sharon (2012-01-04). Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) (Kindle Locations 3375-3385). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.


There is a hard copy version of said book, as well. I think it is a great addition to any knitting library. 350 stitches altogether.

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Hmmm. seems pattern she says to do for scarf is a bit different than originally posted, no wonder it is more confusing than it should be.....




Row 1 k4, p2, k6, p2, k4
Row 2 p4, k2, p6, k2, p4
Row 3 & 4 repeat Row 1 & 2
Row 5 k4, p2, slip to cable needle 3, k3, knit in back of work the 3 you slipped, p2, k4
Repeat rows 2 thru 5 until your scarf measures 6 feet.

make sure last 4 rows are row 1-4 I would think for that edge to be completed, unless it ends up doing that. ... . Use needles two sizes larger or a crochet hook ( larger) to cast off and finish scarf .


I just went and searched for at least half an hour in the fb group...... just to be sure I had it right.......uh huh..... sorta helps to know what to do exactly after the initial row 5 ....



ok, knitting progressed over Repeat Row 2 , after I started Row 5 and began cable.......


This is what I had to do....... and I think you will see how it is used for each row as you go along with the whole cable thing...


I p4, k2 then next 2 stitches were p2 and then you p3 with the cable needle held stitches! onto a pen or a chopstick or extra cable needle , and put them back on the cable needle and let it rest to the front of the work ..... THEN....in matching continued stitches on WRONG SIDE, which this is facing you. I follow with p1, k2, p4 ( 18 stitches across total)




Then I need to see if ROW 3 & 4 actually work, then ROW 5 again and then repeat all that....... until I finish scarf.

ok, let us see if this works and the cable materializes, at this point it looks like it may be doing the right thing here and will work..... :hapydancsmil:



Hmmph...... what I am seeing is that you need to keep stitches doing the same thing, no matter what row ,doing the same thing on each Right Side and Wrong Side so the pattern stitches mebbe are not right after all once you start CABLE SECTION.. AT this point I have not reached the Right Turn for the cable. I am puzzled.


I think whoever thought this little pattern up already had these things like cables more memorized than what info she put out... I am going to see if I can wing it... cause really following her instructions messed up ROW 5 afterall... and you don't see it til you are doing ROW 6 / Row 3 again.. grrrr.


It makes me think I would need to start from scratch on this...... and rightfully so , but honestly I already spent a few hours just trying to get started. and I would have to go stitch by stitch to do it right..and write it down exactly........ and I'm just trying to see now how the cable stitches combine altogether and if that works...... what I figured out so far.


Yes, this is the way we can learn but it comes down to her pattern was far from complete and that ANNOYS ME. ASSUMING OTHERS ALL KNOW the complete stitches and not saying something in the first place, ticks everyone off usually in that knitting group. And now it makes me look the fool. So I have to figure this out.


You need a stitch book to learn to do stitches with small swatches for a while... I originally wanted to do that myself, but I thought she knew what she was talking about and didn't know it was more complex than what she put out in the group... yea well unless you are advanced, you don't know. First you have to learn the basic composite stitches for cables , grrrr. So, I gathered her ' scarf pattern' thinking it would be understandable and also complete . I am dissappointed and this is taking much more effort and time as a result. I don't have time to rewrite all this completely. Not this week.



My conclusion is to use my sz 11 needles and cable needles or something that affects the same thing, go open up a stitch dictionary and get a complete cable pattern , ensure two Purl Stitches on each side , then do edging in stockinette ... I just pulled it all off and frogged it , starting over with that intention. It would be easier to just set up that than try and continue this one. Yes, I am mad. I know this is unsat. Wasted time with it too and thats not even ok with me. Especially when I am supposed to be helping someone else learn. :gaah:

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Well.....somehow she did this scarf but it looks SO complicated to me. Untrained eye, of course. Thank you for testing this. Even if it doesn't work out, you're work is inspiring me. Getting closer to trying something.....


MtRider ...running out to feed before it get :blink: DARK!

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she was leaving out some of the 'motions' you have to make , assuming you know how already. and I really wonder if it would work fully.


I am going to play with something I know is standard and proven for sure. I have to also get the hang of the cable needle stuff.

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Mt Rider, can you download pdf style files to your computer still? I don't know if its still up to doing that. If so, go to Lionbrand.com Click on patterns in the tabs and free patterns after that... then you can see about finding an easy knit scarf pattern , maybe just something with seed stitch and such things, that only involve knit and purl , not any cables or twisted stitches and fancier stuff. I know I have seen them. They also have crochet patterns for many of the projects. Look under womens clothing and accessories , they should be there .

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If I get mine figured out, I will write it down properly and explanations included at the various parts and I will place it here later. I just don't have time and lost all patience when I realized how sketchy what she wrote turned out to be for a beginner to easily use. But I have eaten, I have this nice yarn here and yea I need a scarf too so am going to get started again and do a simple edge I can keep track of right side or wrong side and add in a basic cable... wish I had someone here to ask on one point myself. .... am i doing it right so far? I am so winging this..... without verification and I don't blame you if you don't want to wear out your yarn or get so confused trying to listen to me figure it out.


So let's really simplify things. Post a link to the pattern /website page if you find one then I can read it along with you and help you with any questions. Beginner level is fine.

I will do what I know I can and hopefully what I am 'winging' is the right way so it works out on my scarf too.

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Are you having a problem with how to do a cable stitch?


When I do a cable I make the cable part 8 stitches long. The part I want to cable, I knit 4 stitches, slip the next 4 stitches off of the needle onto a cable holder and let it hang in front of the work, then knit the next 4 stitches on the needle. Then, put the 4 stitches that I had on the cable holder back onto the needle and knit them. Knitting stitches out of order is what makes the twist.


You don't have to use a cable holder. Any other needle or something round will do.

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ok for what is 15 stitch Ribbed Cable, it looks simple but adds some sophistication and lays pretty flat, still highlights look good and uniform... I am learning a new stitch to me.


the stitch is called p1 tbl which means to purl through the back loop of the stitch you are to purl.... , couldn't quite figure that out myself. Here is a video, go full screen to watch.

Repeat to learn it. I have to learn this to do the Ribbed Cable design.

Nice video.

I am going to use youtube for the cable row, lol....... mebbe that is a good idea!


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I sort of figured that was the way but was scared I was doing it wrong , Jeepers. and I found the 'lost row 3 and 14 for the 15 stitch Ribbed Cable pattern, on the next page..... there was plenty of room on the first page. Layout is NOT clear when it's like this.



couldnt find row 3 for the longest time. sigh.



I think I can manage the Ribbed Cable and a bit of garter/stockinette on the edges. Now that I found the whole thing and looked at it, lol.

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ok, in this pattern only row 3 uses the cable needle at all. so I just let that hang loose while I do all the other rows , which total 14 each cycle of the ribbing . I only actually knit off the cn stitches, then once in every three rows as it gives instructions initially for Row, 1, Row 2 and Row 3 , other rows are just repeats.


JEEPERS??? Just not every row... which is what is bamboozling me right now.... I figured out the p1, tbl pretty fast, watching the video.

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Right Sass. You don't cable every row. It's been a long time since I cabled and I was knitting a child size sweater at the time...not a scarf. I think it was a fisherman's knit with a cable up both sides of the front. It was really easy to do with the cable holder. I do remember I just used the regular knit/purl stitch though.

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ok, it seems like it really is goofy doing that , but I think I will just do a moss rib for the scarf, no cabling , no skipping stitches or anything. Should lay pretty flat.... and I can do it with 17 stitches cast on which works with the yarn and needles for the scarf.

Just knit and purl , bit of style that would pop visually, in a lighter color yarn. Also has some give but close knit, which is perfect for my needs in a simple scarf.

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I think I better practice cable stitches in white yarn to begin those. Be easier to see and smaller yarn than chunky might not seem so weird, lol.

Til I get used to that. For now I just need a practical scarf and I can learn a knit and purl pattern for moss rib this way. It works!

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ok, success with the moss rib.... total of 4 rows to repeat

It goes in multiples of 7, plus 3 , so that worked out to 7+7 = 14 , plus 3 so this ends up 17 stitches to cast on... and it is providing a garter stitch edge.


I initially knit two rows first after cast on, before beginning the pattern for moss rib. It works well.


moss rib pattern from Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia. ( book and kindle available) Still cannot find an exact video to post though.


It's easy if you can count to three at most, using knit and purl....


when you come to end , knit two rows solid stockinette so it creates garter stitch edge on other end.

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Here is a video of a similar stitch that is a little less complicated. You just cast on with a multiple of 4+1. You k2,P2 across the whole thing and for all the rows. That's it. I THINK by starting and ending with a knit stitch it will lay flatter and not be so prone to curl. I had that problem when I first started knitting scarfs.


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yes this is a good one. I do like the pattern it does. I actually think the moss rib is less likely to catch on anything in passing.and it is dense here which helps with the windchills when they really kick in. Nice and compact as it is knit together. I have not found a picture I can post actually, of it... it is a little different than standard moss stitch , as it actually is a ribbing. Thank you for the video on this one, it is a good standard scarf style too for anyone to make.

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OK....if I can ever get outta bed these days, I've got to dig out needles/yard and try one of these. Video will definitely help.



I'm kinda reading what y'all are saying....and not trying to comprehend it all. So much vocabulary that I don't yet understand but by repetition, I'm picking up more meaning. No way I'm going to loft [no ladder...climb up fridge to access] to the main big tote of yarn tho. But I've got bits and stuff around here to practice with.


Wish I could find the notebook with my notes on the Tunisian crochet stitch. Is tight like knitting and uses extra long crochet hook.


MtRider ....along for the ride....toe in the water..... :unsure: I've only done dishcloths so far.

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I am glad you brought up the Tunisian crochet stitch, good one to learn. There are patterns online that I have seen that incorporate it in clothing items . I don't know anything about crochet, yet. Eventually I will learn more and have some standard books in my personal library at home already and a variety of crochet hooks in one set, some of which I use to fix dropped stitches with in my knitting. There are a number of crochet patterns even for simple socks but I can tell you knitting will make them smoother probably and that is important so socks don't create blisters and sore feet. Also other clothing articles , and it sounds like the Tunisian stitch is going to make it worthy to wear in the winter, not just summer wear if you have patterns and can learn how.


yeah, don't haul out a whole toteful of yarn, just figure out some odds and ends to practice with and what yarn will work for a small project like a scarf and have that come back down with you if you need it.... I keep a small plastic box on a book shelf close by and do have a tote handy with stuff I know I will use pretty quickly, that needs to be sorted out again .... but most of the big stash is in the stored area in the bedroom , because I can only work on one or two projects at a time anyway. I am keeping a few pairs of sock yarn handy as I already know what I want to use them for and they will be done in the next weeks to come and I am using the chunky yarn skein for the scarf.... definitely don't have room or lumber I would like to create a wall of storage just yet for this stuff.... so I go small scale and even need to improve that ... which is planned in my head.... but it will probably be January and February before I can really do much with it, so half my one bookshelf in my bookshelf near where I sit and knit, and the tote for now. What I work on specifically will fit in a gallon size ziploc bag or even quart size and it keeps it likely clean and a little interference to the cat who gets curious now and then, when I have it out. It's not super durable but it works for now. There are other things one can do , but I stick all that in the tote bag when I am done working on it for the night. My cat is pretty good about staying out of the tote bag , luckily. She never has climbed on a shelf.


If I had it all out here, I would get confused trying to determine exactly what I wanted for a single project and that is overwhelming. So, at most maybe three projects worth available, but its good to just do one at time and finish them. It would be nice to have a whole room set up for sewing and knitting, but I just don't have that option either.

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Mt.Rider, maybe this video will jog your memory. I've never tried it but it does look like a nice pattern. Wow, there are a lot of nice videos on Youtube showing how-to stitches!


Now I want to try the Tunisian stitch and try to do something on a Hairpin Lace Loom thingy. So little time...so much yarn. I also have a lot of material to make quilts too. :sigh:


Canning is getting in the way of my fun time. <_<


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I just put the moss rib stitch pattern for the scarf I am doing on a 3 x 5 card and can prop it up just right to see it, so I dont' have to use a bulky book in my lap and leg area. That works! will be reading and knitting as I go this afternoon. ( waiting on deliveries in fact).

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