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A table top. :)

I love taking old furniture and redoing them. Altough I haven't refinished any in 30 years it is something that I've enjoyed doing and need to fix some used funiture for the dinning room.

It's a beautiful day today. People are out on bikes, the sun is shinning and the temperature is a nice 58* with no wind. Weather forecast is for storms tomorrow so today was the day to do outside work.
I got up early cleaned my room ( fresh sheet bliss) and the refrigerator in side and out and got grocery's.

Dh and Son had to go to FIL house to help him get ready for winter so DD2 and I invited Boyfriend over ( her's) and we stripped top of the free table I got from the neighbor.
Most of the scratches are gone so I'm happy about that. It's a Cherry lament top and I can't sand it too much. I wanted to refinish it but if the scratches were too deep I was going to paint it a dark color.
It's a pedestal table with the legs going out from a center shelf. One leg is broken in two and one has been dog chewed but I have friends who can fabricate some new legs for me.

I have to finish cleaning the the front porch , do lunch dishes ,sweep the kitchen and the never ending laundry but I'm happy with all I got done today.

After I finish the table Dh said he would help me make a hutch out of a screen door.



I also want to make a bench and I'm on the look out for some chairs to refinish. No they don't have to match.



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I was wrong. Friend who said he would help with fixing the table legs said it's not Cherry but Mahogany. He said he has some scrap he'll glue up and thinks I'll have the table fixed and refinished for under $50.00.

He also thinks it a really nice table and a wonderful find. :hapydancsmil:

I'll have to post photos.

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Hurray! I can't wait to see your pics


In a few weeks my sister and I are going to start sanding the floors in my house and then we will stain them. In the meantime, I am waiting to get a contractor (my original one bailed on me!) to come and install a new vintage door I got at a salvage/antique place we found. It is solid walnut and we will stain it with 7 coats of tung oil!


With my mom moving in before Christmas, we are sanding floors in 99% of the house (not my room yet) and re-staining them, and painting the remaining 3 rooms in the house. My sister also wants a new ceiling installed in my shop in the garage (we will finish the shop this winter). We will then have space to store some of mom's stuff that she won't be using in my house.


Since buying my home, I have learned to love learning to DIY things to fix up my home. Maybe someday it will actually be finished, but since when I bought it I didn't have a heating system and now I do, I think I've accomplished a lot!

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