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It was a rough month but I'm still here

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Well, it's been a fun few months here (NOT!), but I think I am starting to come out the other side - several of my friends have been referring to me as the 2014 version of Job


Back in July, my mom finally decided to come to my home for her first visit - naturally I was working in the garden and oops, I fell and broke my foot!


The broken foot led me up to the attic to get my orthopedic boot - little did I know I am HIGHLY ALERGIC TO DUST MITES


I drove to MD to see my best friend and was supposed to be home that night, but I blew up like the fat lady at the circus and my eyes swelled shut for 3 days before I could even drive!


Then, mom comes, and my dust mites decide to turn to SCABIES!!! I CRIED! (AND I ITCHED AND I SCRATCHED FOR WEEKS!)


One night we were having the Bishop from my church for dinner and while we were laying on my bed resting, I noticed the curtain above my desk wasn't hanging right (it still isn't!). I got up on a chair and my broken foot got lonely so it kicked me down and I dislocated my elbow! Wile at the ER the staff lost my engagement and engagement rings. I was in a brace for 4 weeks. (it came off yesterday and now I am able to drive again)


Two days after the trip to the ER my home was burglarized while we were sleeping upstairs- they took my flat screen tv and my mom's crocodile purse that was a gift with about $400 cash.


My cat brought in fleas and the house needed to be exterminated, professionally. I was a human flea picnic for weeks. The exterminating didn't work and we had to bomb the entire house again yesterday. Fleas GONE


My poor kitties (3) were suffering from upper resperatory infections - $375 later and they are finally sounding better.


My 15yr old son broke the front door off my house, destroyed several hundred dollars worth of windows in the garage and got arrested for underage drinking (I DON'T DRINK AT ALL! HE DIDN'T GET IT FROM ME!)


ALL IN ALL, I AM GRATEFUL, although I miss my TV, no one was hurt and I am finally on the mend. God is soo good!

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ok, so it was a rough adventure...... I hope things smooth out and please be careful where you place your feet! Is son buckling down yet? Hope so, he sounds expensive when he gets mad or a bit too gleeful, I guess in this case, over something . I am very glad you did not get hurt or your family, when you were robbed. Thankfully they probably wanted to avoid that too. Have you done things to help your security levels in the home yet?


I hope you are feeling better emotionally, sounds like you have been overwhelmed and this stuff would put the icing on the cake.... can I recommend some astragulus extract in a glass of water each morning to help gently build up your immune system and since you are a chef, eat well, dear, a good variety of foods so you can get lots of nutrients for healing and better immunity. It will help stabilize mood too. ( I can tell you truthfully , it is helping me and it was something I got out of the habit of and ended up with very bad MS like stuff going on, not to mention messing up my blood sugar and type 2 situation for a long time. )

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