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DD needs lots of prayers


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It has been a rough few days. 2nd DD had a miscarriage due to a massive fibroid (5 inches by 4 inches by 5.5 inches high). The miscarriage caused the fibroid to haemorrhage - for 4 weeks. After an afternoon in ER she was admitted overnight and given an iron transfusion. she is home now and very weak. there is still a possibility of needing a blood transfusion.


Going forward, the registrar that she had to deal with was more interested in telling her that she would probably need a hysterectomy, than finding options. I have suggested that she get a second opinion, but to do that she has to wait for 6 weeks to see the local specialist and then wait while they make decisions before getting referred to a bigger hospital. so need prayer that the fibroid will shrink and that it will be able to be removed by surgery, and that after surgery she will still be able to have a family. DD is 28 and newly married.




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Oh Sue, I'm so sorry your DD is going through this nightmare! Praying for healing and peace for your DD and wisdom, discernment and skill for the doctors.

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I am going to pray on this too. My DIL has miscarried several times now , but its taken quite some time to actually really accept that adoption is probably best and safest as it is wearing her down. Can they not consider removing the fibroid safely? At this point, medically, that should at least be properly considered and part of an actual consult with a doctor, not the nurse. If there is a really good chance of that, I hope she can find out and have a good gyn surgeon do so. If not, perhaps these blessings that fill our homes will come in different ways.

For now, I hope the fibroid will cease bleeding and she will recover strongly over the next so many weeks. Eats lots of good beef and drink some wine every day is what my doctor told me when they could not give me a transfusion as the blood supply was found to have aids in it back in the early 80s here in the US so they didn't want to risk it when I lost a baby at about 20 weeks. To build up the blood. It worked. But I think I was pretty pale for about a month. Beef , venison, buffalo and any naturally grazing type animal will produce a hearty meat for meat and broth that is good for recovery from debilitating illness or wounds.


I see how much my DS and his DW want children and how much it makes him hurt when he tells me, but they are starting the process to open up for adoption now, as they are in their mid 30's and have tried several times . It takes time. I believe there are many children, young babies to toddlers to school age that need loving , caring families out there and for us, we don't care about race and will welcome any they match up with. This is a personal consideration for each who consider it of course. I see several here who foster and foster and adopt and they do a wonderful job and knew one big family back in California who did so, and I am glad of it. It is simply about love and family.


Take care and I pray your daughter and her hubby are blessed with renewed health and peace in their hearts and can make decisions that will keep it that way over time. That they are assisted most properly by medical teams or any other professionals on this journey to enlarging their family.

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Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


The public system here is great sometimes and hopeless other times. Basically the GP gives a referral to a specialist, the specialist should triage the requests and see you in an appropriate time frame. Once you are in the system it will depend on whether the specialist has good access to beds in a public hospital. Typically they will tell you that your condition will be X weeks waiting time, but then they will suggest that if you pay for it they can treat immediately in a private hospital.


So what has happened is that the emergency visit will trigger an outpatient visit - 6 weeks wait, then they will look at her notes and consider options. I would like her to get a referral to the Women's hospital in the State capital city. but it is so far from where she lives. So at the moment she is taking it easy and doing what she can to regain some strength. They are also looking at a healthier life style (it was pretty healthy before, but now intend to cut out all commercially processed foods, and go back to making every thing themselves. In the mean time I can only pray .... she is about 2000km (1000 miles) from us, so expensive exercise to get to see her in a hurry.



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