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Good Afternoon!


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Hello all, I'm an aging redhead living in central England.

I have always been a self reliant sort, not relying on anyone for anything if I can help it.

I love growing my own veg and have a work in progress garden. It was neglected and run down when I first moved in, but has been bountiful throughout the summer and I have preserved plenty to provide us with some welcome sunshine throughout the winter.

Looking forward to making your acqaintance!


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Hi Wychwood! I have traveled to England in the past and drove up by Birmingham and Stayed in Watford. Lovely countryside. I am happy you have joined us here. Lots of great canning recipes and gardening ideas , making one more self sufficient.

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Hi Wychwoood! Welcome to one of the greatest places on the web for women who want to be self suficient!


I lived in Washbrook near Ipswich a million years ago. I miss the UK!

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