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Goodbye...but the timing was right.

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Today I re-homed three of my six goats. I am so very, very tired. I am pretty MS-ill right now too. For the past several years, I have known we are painting ourselves into a corner. This house is so very very small.....[and infested with mice, right now] The land is half great for animals and half horrid because DH and I are well over a decade OLDER than when we moved in here. The STEEP mountain sides are great for goats, horses, large puppies....but not us. :imoksmiley: Not to mention the house stairs.


I've dreaded this time....saying goodbye to my little pets. I love my goats and kept hoping that we'd get to move. A different landscape and barn would change the whole picture. It could be easily doable....but we're still here. God knows.


So a young family, with a mom who wants to make goat milk soap, heard of my willingness :unsure: to part with some goats. She came this morning and picked out two. The husband came along as well this evening and decided for one more. They came prepared with new pink collars for my girls. Crates were strapped securely in the back of the truck.


This REALLY frees up my goat shed.......and my energy. :sigh: but there is a big hole where all that goat chaos was....just this morning.


HUGE relief. ^_^


Looking forward for a chance at goat milk again...good for my health. :yum3:


Sadness :(


Peace :amen:


It's all there. I knew I could say goodbye and give up the dream that we'd move and I wouldn't have to. The timing was right.....partly due to desperation for relief from the burden they had become. Too many of them. But tonight, I am missing them. Tonight, two little boys are so excited about their new pets. A mom looks forward to producing a healthy soap for her family and friends....a start on a rural life they plan. She's the age of my DD2.


The timing is right.



MtRider ....... :( but .... :sigh:

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Giving up an animal that you have become attached to but, can no longer take care of is a bittersweet thing. On the one hand you miss the little stinkers but at the same time you know they are somewhere that they are being well taken care of and you are free from the burden of feeling trapped in caring for them. I went through something similar a couple years ago. My eldest son was living in a small trailer here on the property helping us with the renovations on the farmhouse. He bought a 6 week old Husky puppy. He let me name her so I named her, Tatiania (my pet name for her was Tater Tot). At the time, his girlfriend lived in Dallas and he spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to visit her so basically Tater Tot became "my" responsibility while he was gone and she and I became very close. But, Huskies and free range chickens do not mix. In one night, THE one night I spent away from home at a friend's house, she killed 24 of my half grown pullets. I tried keeping her inside and taking her out on a leash for walks but it was not fair to an active, young animal that is bred to RUN to be trapped with a 53 year old woman like that. So, she had to be rehomed. The guy that took her was so thrilled, she has her own bedroom at his house and it is full of toys but, it was very hard for me to watch my son pull out in the road with her in the car to take her to him. Just keep in mind that you did the loving thing for your girls by sending them to a good, new home and made the right decision for YOU to ease the burden on your body of what you have to deal with on a daily basis with animal care. It stinks but, it is what it is and you made the right decision for you and the goats.

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That is so hard. But thank goodness they went to a great home with people who really want them and those kids (2 legged) will have a ball with them. I'm glad it will free you up some so you can work on regaining your health! :hug3:

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Exactly, Reb!


Thanks for the kinds words, all of you. I'm wondering how they are this morning. I sat with the remaining three after I opened the goat house just now....they were subdued. Not the mass of 6 swirling little bodies around my knees. Yes, very bittersweet. But God helped me to release up to four of them a few weeks ago. I said yes and have just been waiting to see who would get them. Now waiting to see what God has planned next...... Which is pretty cool, I must say. :amen:



MtRider :sigh: but...

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I've done it myself Mt_Rider and know how you are feeling. It's a mix of guilt, regret, relief and more guilt because you feel relieved!

As I have got older my lifestyle has had to change and although I still hold the same outlook on life, I just do it in a different way these days. I have given up the farm animals and I have to admit it was tough, but it has given me time to take stock and have the time to enjoy all the things I used to do so mechanically. I take pleasure in my veg garden. I have time to preserve when the mood takes me and I bake just about every day because I have the time and inclination.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Loving has a price, but it's always worth the cost. :wub:


Those little boys and their parents will ALWAYS remember this. You're passing on a legacy of love and care and responsibility.



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Yeah.....haven't heard how it's going at the new home. Would like to. I think I'm already ok with it. But God and I came to this agreement over a month ago....that I'd be willing to let all but two go. [still have that "ornery OLD goat" who also qualified to leave but they didn't want her...didn't blame them.] So the big deal was making that choice.



MtRider....still SOOOOO wiped out from sick horse care and the goat event....Day FOUR of nearly bedrest! :0327: Good thing I'm getting out from under some of these heavy burdens.

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It makes me sad when I am upset at my pets for just "being" cause they are not getting the attention they deserve from me . I just don't have the energy some days. Many of our pets are old and really do need extra care. The concern about what to do to help them Which may or may not include euthanasia, is wearing on me.

I did feel the guilt of putting our old cat down, all the time wondering if "I" was more ready for that than "She" was. Yes, we did feel immediate relief too because she wasn't waking us up any longer through the night.

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