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I'm not really worried about this one but Gees Louise...are 'they' trying to take us back to the middle ages? At least antibiotics can control this one. Or so they say. How many in this country have Leprosy I wonder? Not including Hawaii. I thought it was wiped out a long time ago or contained on Molokai.

Leprosy Scare At Ohio Prison
Updated: 10/19/2014 8:59 am EDT

(Reuters) - There are no signs that leprosy diagnosed in an Ohio inmate had spread to other prisoners or staff, and there is little risk that it has, prison officials said on Friday.

The inmate, originally from Micronesia, a region of islands in the Pacific Ocean, is being treated at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus after tests determined on Tuesday that he had leprosy, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said on Friday.

The chronic infection, also known as Hansen's disease, can be treated with antibiotics.

Mary DiOrio, an epidemiologist with Ohio's Health Department, said in a letter to prison officials that the inmate posed little risk to others because only 5 percent of the population is susceptible to the bacterium that causes the disease.

The inmate has been housed in at least three Ohio prisons since his incarceration in 2011, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter.

Prison officials added that it is unlikely prison staff or inmates have been infected since the disease is not acquired by causal contact. Inmates who are identified as having had prolonged, close contact with the inmate will receive detailed clinical exams, officials said.

The leprosy diagnosis came the day before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that a Dallas-area nurse diagnosed with Ebola had traveled to northeast Ohio and had close contact with at least 16 people.

One person is in quarantine, the others are being closely monitored, according to Ohio public health and CDC officials in the state. None of those people are exhibiting signs of the illness.


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Just can't keep a good microbe down..... <_<



Even within the community on Molokai, antibiotics have wiped out the disease, but not the effects of amputations/disfigurations from long decades ago. The last ones stay there now because it is their home.


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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It is amazing to see some of these older diseases resurfacing. Thanks for the heads up on it. I think I am worn out from trying to understand how to deal with Ebola if it gets to spreading here on our continent. I hope none of the other prisoners were affected by it. I think there are actually two types of Leprosy?

As well as I really didn't know they could treat it with antibiotics. I hope they have enough if there is an issue with it having spread. Just as I hope they are working on producing whatever mix of antivirals and more IV bags of fluids for an ebola problem as I heard there was a shortage of IV fluids. ( Nationally). Sort of like the insulin problem, but I have not heard any diabetics I am acquainted with on fb group for them, saying there is a problem. Mostly its a problem with insurance depending on state and policies individuals are dealing with. As a comparison. Perhaps insulin supplies are returning to normal now?

Still, these things are definitely situations we need to monitor nationally and wherever we live.

Honestly , I am more concerned about malaria than Leprosy , as it is making a come back too. Fortunately natural alternatives are available. I actually have been given quinine based stuff for some of my lupus in the past. Cinchona bark is available and I need to stock some. It also helps with fevers in general and a few other things. Good thing to have in herbal preps as a matter of fact.


What antibiotic or antibiotics are used to treat Leprosy?

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